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Rust is whats holding the rotor on. Apply wd-40 to the lug stud holes in the disk and around the hub /rotor surface, then tap the rotor between the lug studs with a hammer. Be careful NOT to strike the lug studs or they will become damaged. Sometimes it takes a few bangs. When the rotor comes off, I suggest you use fine sand paper and/or steel wool to clean the mating surfaces so the rotor goes back on easily. Another thing to consider is to mark the rotor prior to sliding it off the hub. I have had a few instances where re-indexing the rotor to the hub induces a brake vibration. Hope that hepls!

Mr. B. (Former Auto Mechanic 15years).

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Q: Taking off disk rotor on 1996 ford mustang gt?
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How do you change the front discs on a Kia Sedona?

Remove the front tires and wheels. Remove the brake assembly. Tap on each rotor disk to loosen them. Slide the rotor disk off. Reverse the process to install the new rotor disk.

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Disk brake rotor is warped

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Why front disk breaks get hot?

They get hot because of friction between the rotor (the disk part or the brake system), and the brake pads. (the pads that clamp on the rotor to create friction to slow the vehicle.

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It is behind the disk brake rotor.

DYI 1996 Mercedes E 300 front disk pad replacement?

I need to replace the front disk pads on my 1996 MB E300

How to change the disk on Grand Am 2004?

Brake rotor? Should be "peel off" type Raise and support vehicle Remove wheel Remove caliper mounting bolts Slide caliper off rotor Slide rotor off hub

Can you change the drum brakes on a 1996 Camaro rearend and put 2001 Camaro disk brakes on it?

A 1996 camaro has the same DISK brakes as a 2001. It does not have drum brakes.

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How do you remove a disk brake rotor on 2005 ford F -150?

Take the brake caliper off and it should slide right off or i might have two screws in the rotor in the center of it

What is a brake rotor?

A brake rotor is what your brake pads squeeze to slow your car down. The brake pads are mounted in a caliper. When you apply the brakes, the caliper pushes the brakes into the rotor, which then slows down your wheel.Hi, It is a brake rotor, and is the physical disc of a disc brake. Peace, crigbyThe brake rotor is the disk part. Should be shiny from where the brake pads have been rubbing on it.

How do you remove a front rotor from a suzuki samurai?

Remove the brake caliper and hang it out of the way, then thread 2 8 mm bolts into the holes provided on the disk. Screw them in and the brake rotor will come off.

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How do you replace rear drum brake with disk brake for bike?

You need the relevant operating system and a wheel that will take a disc rotor .

Why does the brake pedal pulse on stopping on your 1997 Mercury Sable gs?

A pulsing brake pedal indicates a warped disk rotor and that means the rotor needs to be replaced. In that case, they should both be done at the same time.

What would cause your car to make a weird jerking motion while you press the brakes?

What you're describing COULD be what is called "disk brake chatter". The problem is caused by heat, which eventually will warp the rotors. If the rotor is warped the disk brake pads grab with different force as the warped rotor changes angle toward the brake pads. If the problem IS disk brake chatter, the only options are to have the rotors turned or replace them.

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