Eucharist (Communion)

Taking your Holy Communion?

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Catholics do not take communion, they receive communion.

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Why do you take Holy Communion?

'Taking communion' is a Protestant phrase. In the Catholic Church it is 'receiving Communion.'

What is holy comunion?

Holy Communion is a Christian rite of passage which represents a boy or girl taking their first piece of bread during church. Holy Communion represets Jesus' body and blood that he shed for us.

What does a special minister of Holy Communion do?

A special minister of holy communion is a lay person who is given the opportunity to help the priest or presider in a Mass to distribute Holy Communion. A special minister of holy communion may also give holy communion to the sick.

Who is in the communion of holy people?

The Catholic Church is the 'communion of holy people.'

Does a Methodist church celebrate holy communion what do they call it?

Holy Communion :-)

Can non-catholics receive communion?

They can't because they have not recieved Holy Communion. You need to have Baptism and Holy Communion to recieve Communion.

What are the requirements of taking holy communion in the pentecostal church?

You must have confessed your sins to Jesus Christ.

Are there godparents for Holy Communion?

No, there are no Godparents nor sponsors for First Holy Communion.

What are three names for the Holy Communion?

the Eucharist; Holy Communion; the Lord's Supper

What does the Church of England call the holy communion?

Holy Communion, you answered it yourself ;)

What is the difference between Catholic Holy Communion and Pentecostal Communion with respect to a child's first holy communion?

Quite simply, the bread and wine received at a Pentecostal church would not be Holy Communion.

Where does Holy Communion take place?

Holy Communion is normally given at Mass in Church. .

How often may a person take Holy Communion?

Catholics do not 'take' communion. Catholics receive communion. 'Taking communion' is Protestant terminology. Catholics may receive communion up to twice each day, three times under special circumstances.

Why do you need to receive Holy Communion in Mass at Church?

We receive Holy Communion because there are 7 sacraments. Communion is an intimate encounter with Christ.

Is taking Holy Communion in a Church better than doing it at home?

Catholic AnswerCatholics do not "take" Holy Communion, they "receive" it. And Church, usually at Mass, is the place and time to receive Our Blessed Lord in the Holy Eucharist. The only time to receive Holy Communion at home is if you are sick, and a priest, deacon, or duly appointed Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist brings Him to you. Any other way or receiving Our Lord, unless specifically approved by your Bishop is not permitted by the Church. Finally, although it is still Holy Communion, it is infinitely better to receive Holy Communion during Mass both because a) just attending Mass, even without Holy Communion, is a great source of grace, b) and, believe it or not, being a Christian means being part of the Body of Christ. Being Christian is a corporate thing, you need to be worshipping with your fellow Christians, and receiving Holy Communion with them. So you are mistaken, it is not better to receive Holy Communion at home, and it is NEVER better to TAKE Holy Communion.

How often is Holy Communion taken?

Never, Holy Communion may only be received, it is never taken. Normally, Holy Communion may be received once a day, but the Vatican has issued a ruling saying that Holy Communion may be received a second time on the same day if you have attended the entire Mass at which you would be receiving your second Holy Communion.

What is the holy communion service about?

There are three different names for a Holy Communion service and they are: the Lord's Supper, the Holy Communion and the Eucharist. The special minister is at the Holy Communion because the minister is given the opportunity to help the priest distribute the Holy Communion and also to give the Holy Communion to the sick.The difference between the catholic and protestant communions are that the catholics believe to be transfigured to the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ. But the Protestants treat the communion as a symbolic but some believe in transfiguration.At the Holy Communion they sharebread and grape/red wine as asymbolic of the body and blood ofJesus Christ.

What is another name for the Last supper or communion service?

The Lord's Supper, Holy Communion, Holy Eucharist.

What do catholics say when receiving holy communion?

Catholics say 'Amen' while receiving holy communion.

Can a child receive holy communion if not baptized?

No. You need to be a baptized member of the Church in order to receive communion; baptism and communion are both holy sacraments.

Can the deacon give Communion?

Catholic AnswerYes, the Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are Bishop, Priest, and Deacon. The Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is the Acolyte.

What is first holy communion or confirmation?

First Holy Communion is when you first receive holy communion. It is normally celebrated in grade 4 or 3. Confirmation is the when you are given the holy spirit so that it fulfils you. This usually celebrated in grade 6.

Can you receive Holy Communion more than once a day?

Catholic AnswerYes, if circumstances are such that you must attend a Mass, you may receive Holy Communion at a second time only if it is at a Mass and you have been there for the entire Mass. So, if you received Holy Communion outside of Mass (a Communion Service, individual Holy Communion, or Communion for the sick, and later that day you attend Mass) or if you attended another Mass earlier on the same day. You may not receive Holy Communion the second time outside of a Mass you have attended. You may not receive Holy Communion a third time, normally, in the same day.

When does Holy Communion take place?

Roman Catholic AnswerNormally, Holy Communion is distributed towards the end of Mass.

When should you not receive holy communion?

You should not recieve Holy Communion when you have a sin or a Mortal sin on your soul. 🙏🏻