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yes with pictures

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Why do ants behave like social insects?

Because they ARE social insects.

What is the difference between solitary insects and social insects?

Solitary insects are alone and while social insects live together. My dad told me that one!

What are solitary insects?

Insects that live on their own - as opposed to social insects.

Are ladybugs social insects?

Yes, ladybugs live in swarms and are considered social insects. The scientific name for ladybugs is Coccinella magnifica. Honeybees and ants are also social insects.

How do you describe insects that live in groups?

They are social insects.

Definition of social insects?

social insect - an insect that lives in a colony with other insects of the same species

Why are ants known as 'social insects'?

Ants are known as 'social insects' because if their is no ants we will not be hardworking!

What is a term for insects that live in colonies?

They are called social insects.

Are moths social insects?


When was International Union for the Study of Social Insects created?

International Union for the Study of Social Insects was created in 1951.

Are ants social or non social?

Ants are social insects of the family Formicidae.

What are some social insects?

Social insects include ants, termites, bees, and wasps.A2 These insects form colonies in which individual members have allocated tasks of benefit to the colony.

What do you feel is a current life social conflict?

Very creepy can you tell me what it means?

How are insects social animals?

Not all insects are Social animals. Those that live in COLONIES are Social. Examples would be Ants and Bees. An example of those that are not would be the Spider.

Are ground battle social insects?


A group of social insects?

You need to elaborate more with your question. A group of social insects are when they live together...An example are honey bees.

Are mosquitoes social insects?

No, mosquitoes are not considered to be social insects. This insect lives alone and does not live in groups make it a solitary insect.

What is the life cycle of insects?

The life cycle of insects are not all the same. Some insects have very complex life cycles while others are simple.

Why are honeybees called social insects?

Honeybees are called social insects because all the bees in the community have to work together to be able to survive.

Why are ants called social insects?

Ants are called social insects because they live in colonies, they divide up the work they need to do, and because the generations of ants in the colonies overlap. Honeybees are also social insects.

What side of the brain is the social side?

to tell you the truth there really is no social side of the brain. People are natrually social because it's just in our way of life.

Why do social insects use pheromones?

To attract mates and to warn or guide other insects.

Is an ant a social insect?

Yes. Ants are eusocial (highly social) insects.

Group of social insects?

A colony of ants.

Are ladybugs solitary or social insects?

Yes they are