Tell you how you can get a job testing games?

Competition for Video Game Testing Jobs is increasing.

If you know the person hiring that makes it better and easier to get hired.

I have helped over 1000 people get into the industry through becoming a video game tester. I developed training and education for people to become video game testers. It has been made into online self paced training on the PowerUp Games Website.

There is no such thing as a career as a stay at home game tester. You can get an occasional Gig that pays or gives you prize for participation but they take work to find and have to contact a lot of game companies to see if they have such work and would be interested in having you help with it.

2 things will greatly improve your chances to get a job or career as a Video Game Tester.

1) where you are located. 2) the time of year.

1) There are 10-12 main cities that have a lot of publishers. Like Seattle, Los Angeles, etc... Living in one of these cities makes it easier because there are more positions. If you don't live in one of these areas and you can't relocate, then you need to find the local publishers and see if you can help them.

2) May through June is the hiring season for the Christmas rush. It is the time of year to find the most game testing positions.

To get a position become familiar with what game testing is, terminology, etc and build out a good cover letter and resume.

Get some good experience and be able to talk about what you did in with the knowledge and terminology you have learned about Game Testing.

Become familiar with the basics of game testing so after you land a position, you can keep it. (there are some companies that will hire 10 game testers knowing that after 2-3 days, they will know the best of the group and will lay off the rest. It is cheaper than doing a deep interview process)

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Good Luck.