Temperature rises when idling?

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Low coolant level?

Cooling fan not working?

Thermostat not opening fully?

Water pump not circulating coolant?

Plugged or restricted radiator?

Defective radiator cap?

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Q: Temperature rises when idling?
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What does it mean when the temperature gauge rises while idling then the fan comes on?

Engine temperature rising when the engine is idling is normal. The car is sitting still and no air is entering the engine compartment. This will cause the engine temperature to rise. The cooling fans then come on and the engine returns to a normal temperature. Unless the cooling fans do not bring the temperature down, you have no problems and this is totally normal.

What happens to the temperature of air as it rises?

As air rises, its temperature falls

As the temperature of an object rises so does the?

as the temperature of an object rises so does the.

What rises on the earth when C02 rises?


Does room temperature affect how much gas is created by the yeast?

Yes. as temperature rises pressure rises and density rises.

What happens to pressure in a container while the temperature rises?

Answer The pressure increases when the temperature rises.

What happens to pressure when temperature rises?

Pressure rises with temperature. See the 'gas laws'.

As pressure increases temperature does what?

The temperature rises.

How does temperature affect the resistance of a conductor?

The resistance of a simple conductor normally rises as its temperature rises.

Does temperature flow from low to high pressure?

temperature is not a liquid. It rises when the pressure rises if thats what you mean

When body temperature rises what becomes active?

The sweat glands become active when the body temperature rises.

Does air temperature increase or decrease as it rises?

Air temperature decreases as it rises. This is because there is a vast difference in temperature between space and the Earth. Therefore, the closer you get to space (in this case, the higher air rises) the colder it will be. Air temperature increases as air temperature rises. The temperature of air will tend to decrease the further up it is.

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