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Depends on the reason for the restraining order but I don't think, considering its temporary for whatever reason, it would count as a criminal offense.

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Q: Temporary restraining order criminal record
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How long does a temporary restraining order stay on your record in Washington state?

A temporary restraining order is a civil order, not a criminal conviction. It therefore will not appear on a criminal record. However, the court clerk will maintain the record forever.

How long does a restraining order stay on your record?

A restraining order is a civil record and does not go on your criminal record. However, if you violate a restraining order it then becomes a criminal offense.

Do restraining orders appear on your Criminal record?

No, but violations of such do. A restraining order is a civil order.

If a restraining order is dropped will it stay on criminal record?

yes it will

Will a restraining order stay on your record?

If it was only a CIVIL COURT restraining order, it will not appear on your criminal record. HOWEVER, if there was any criminal action associated with it, or which was the cause for it being issued, (e.g.: domestic battery), THAT is a criminal matter and it WILL appear on your criminal record.

How long does a restraining order stay on your background in Wisconsin?

If no criminal charges accompanied the incident that brought about the restraining order, there will be no record of it on your criminal history. However, if there was a criminal incident connected with it (e.g.: assault or battery - etc), THAT offense will remain on your adult criminal history record.

Can a 10 yr old restraining order record be removed by expungement?

If it was a civil court restraining order, it will not appear on your criminal history record.If it was associated with a criminal domestic violence or domestic battery charge, this type of record is not expungable.

Is a restraining order civil or criminal?


Is a temporary restraining order that was denied by the judge part of public record?

Unless the Court orders the record expunged (destroyed), it is still a part of public record.

Plaintiff violate temporary restraining order?

What happens if both parties violate a restraining order?

How do you drop a temporary restraining order in New Jersey?

Usually, a "temporary restraining order" will expire according to its own terms. This means that the order itself will specify a date or event when the order is no longer effective. If a restraining order does not have such a limitation in it, then it is not a temporary order. If you are the person the restraining order benefits and you wish to drop it, you should apply to the court for an order vacating the restraints.

How can I dismiss a temporary restraining order?

If you filed the restraining order, you can withdraw it. You must go back to the court where you filed the restraining order and ask that it be dropped.

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