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The father of modern tennis is Walter Clopton Wingfield

Shortly after winning the gold medal in the 1976 Olympics in the junior welterweight division. Ray had told people after the Olympics that he was quitting boxing for good but his father became seriously ill and he resumed his career to make money to take care of his father.

Laila Ali's father is the boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

His father attended the Athens Olympics, but is watching Beijing from his home in Baltimore, Maryland.

Serena and Venus necer choose to play tennis. Before they were born their father wanted his children to be tennis superstars. He pushed them and tought them tennis once they were old enough to swing a racquet.

No. Lleyton Hewitt's father is Glynn Hewitt.

Her father bought the sisters tennis equipment at a young age and encouraged them to be champions

Actually it was the 1948 summer Olympics in London where his father won gold in the coxed pair!

Her father was in the olympics but lost. He said that her winning "fixed his mistake"

Because her father was a king and she was a princess.

Either tennis or squash.

Ans: Pierre De Coubertin

she became a tennis player because when she was little, her father,Richard Williams taught her, alonge with Serena.

Serena William's father is rich now because of how good he could play tennis.

Pierre De Coubertin(1863,1,1~1937,9,2) is known as father of modern olympics. He was born in a French noble family. He occupied the position of the chairman of IOC[International Olympic Committee], was also the designer of the symbol and flag of olympics.

the greek god of chaos was the first and father of the other gods

No, Lleyton's father is named Glynn, a former Australian Rules Football player.

Lar's father name is Torben Ulrich, he is a Danish writer, musician, filmmaker, and former tennis pro.

you'll have to add one. Example:Female tennis-star Althea Gibson's father badly wanted her to be a boxer

Yes. The father of tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams is alive. He has remarried and is the father of an infant daughter.

Piere De Freddy was a French educator and historian. He is considered as the father of modern Olympics and is the founder of International Olympic Committee.

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