Term describing an area having many cultures?

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term describing an area having many cultures
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Why were the Balkans so politically unstable before World War 1 other than having so many cultures in a small area?

Short answer: 1) the region is a gateway between Europe and Middle East, then onwards into Asia. It's a strategic location, and many countries (including the US) want control over the land routes. 2) the population is very diverse - muslims, catholics, orthodoxs, and their identity is based on cultu ( Full Answer )

How long have people been using the term Down East to describe that area of Maine?

OH MY GOD! There is a place that DOWN EAST is used to describe spacifically.... umm, i cant think of the name, it is only reached by boat. it was the best place for fishermen to find and catch the lobsters... since that has been a fad for us main-ah's for quite a while. i would say that you need to ( Full Answer )

The US can best be described as having a?

The US can be best described as having a capitalistic system.Businesses and individuals are able to go after their dreams ofearning money.

What was the Assyrian culture is known having?

Over many years, Assyrians have been celebrating different traditions of their new country due to the Assyrian Diaspora. But, there are original Assyrian traditions, hence culture. Assyrians hold feasts (Syriac: hareh) for different patron saints, the Nineveh Rogation (Syriac: Bo'utho d-Ninwoye/Ba'u ( Full Answer )

Write a paragraph describing your family using as many math terms?

WikiAnswers cannot write your paragraphs for you, but we WILL help you learn how to write them yourself. Click on the related questions for more help. Pretend you are talking to a friend instead of writing. Which math terms describe the different members of your family best? How could you use math ( Full Answer )

To what degree might each area of knowledge be seen as having its own language and culture?

Workplaces, science labs, NASA, the military and hospitals all have their own language and acronyms. It is inescapable. The words they use are not used by the general population and are specific to their work. Here are some samples with translations. Doctor Cranston yelled down the hallway, "Brin ( Full Answer )

Describe the culture of the plains Indians?

The culture of the plains indian widely depends on the tribe. But in general they lived in tipis, ate buffalo (used all parts of the animal including hides and bones), rode horses and migrated around the great plans following the moving heards of Buffalo.

What can the electrons in a superconductor be described as having?

No resistance to their flow. A superconductor shows almost zero resistance to the flow of electric current, which is another name for a flow of electrons. So a very thin superconducting wire can carry enormous amperages which would cause a normal, non-superconducting, wire to vaporize just like f ( Full Answer )

Describe the culture of the mycenaeans?

although one can't describe a whole culture in a paragraph.... Date: circa 1600 - 1050 BC. Location: mainly Southern Greece (recently archaeological finds extend the borders well into modern-day northern greece), the Aegean, Crete, Cyprus. Significance: The first (testified) Greek civilisatio ( Full Answer )

Describe the organisational culture of university?

The organizational culture of a university identifies the elementswhich the staff of that institution consider as normal. Theseelements could be simple things such as the work load, thesize/location of office and the pattern of behavior of colleagues.

What is culture area?

an advanced culture where people have developed cities, farming, science and industries; examples are Aztecs, Incas, ancient Egypt, ancient Rome and ancient Greece. :):)

How does a linguist describe culture?

If you take culture from human beings,they will remain only like animals.culture is the factor which makes difference between two .A Culture consists two types of things named material culture(or civiliztion,that means all type of visible and touchable things) .and non material things like ideas of ( Full Answer )

Describe the culture of native americans?

Your question supposes that all native peoples in the Americas had a single culture, which is a false premise. The culture of the Amazonian tribes is totally different from that of the Ingalik of Alaska; the Plains culture was totally different to the northern and eastern woodlands culture of Can ( Full Answer )

Describe the culture in the UAE?

boo boo boo boo boo boo boo it is cool cool cool and it is some times fool fool fool but there is cool cool cool hotels and especially Burj al arab and there is burj khalifa

Which term describes an organism made of many cells?

Multicellular describes an organism made of many cells. Incontrast, a unicellular organism is made up of one single cell.Just about all well-known plants and animals are made of manycells. Examples include human, cat, a rose, mushroom, a spider

How was the Western Culture described in the 1800s?

It actually went through stages. With the rough conditions and harsh living conditions during this time period. (Civil War, Industrial Revolution, Potato Famine) People began to reject the older form of art and expression which stressed reason and progression which came from the ideals of the Enligh ( Full Answer )

What term describe the mixing of Greek Hellenistic and Roman culture?

The term used to describe the mixing of Greek and Roman cultures is Greco-Roman. Hellenistic culture was a Greek culture intermixed with local cultures due to the conquests of Alexander. The term used to describe the mixing of Greek and Roman cultures is Greco-Roman. Hellenistic culture was a Greek ( Full Answer )

What term describes all the biotic and abiotic factors in an given area?

Just a thought, or a susiegtgon, but don't ever put your checking account number or your social security number online for anyone to see. That is asking for disaster. Any payday loan organization that advertises an online sevice, or money in your bank in 24 hours is very suspect.They can't put money ( Full Answer )

What was the term used to describe the mixing of cultures in the US?

The melting pot is a metaphor for a heterogeneous society becoming more homogeneous, the different elements "melting together" into a harmonious whole with a common culture. It is particularly used to describe the assimilation of immigrants to the United States ; the melting-together metaphor was ( Full Answer )