Thatching is putting straw under your horse's rug or blanket When would you do this?

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You should do this in cold weather when the horse is wet, usually after a workout when the horse is soaked in sweat and is hot, he will catch a chill fast if you don't blanket with straw/hay. After sleigh rides in Northern Ontario our draft horses are soaked in hot sweat, even tho the horses are hot/warm they NEED their blankets until their hair is dry. We can't turn the horses outside soaked in sweat and we don't want to keep them in the barn so we put their blankets on and pack hay or straw (whichever is cheaper) under the blanket. We only keep the blankets on the horses until the horse's hair is dry. The straw/hay keeps the blanket from packing the horses hair down and helps air flow to dry the hairs, the blanket traps heat and provides a wind break. If you blanket without that hay/straw layer it will take longer to dry(causing very itchy skin) and pack the horses natural insulator/hair to the point where it can't do its job. That and in wet/damp freezing rain storms is the only time we blanket the horses and we never blanket without the straw/hay, the horses stay outside 24/7 with free access to hay & water and a good windbreak with roof, no need for blankets otherwise for our horses.
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You would put a blanket on a horse in the winter to save him from getting a cold or even dieing. However, if you do not clip your horse, it is better to leave him unblanketed. To tell if your horse is cold enough to blanket him, touch his ears. If the are cold, he is most likely cold. If they are n ( Full Answer )

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Do you have to put blankets on horse when it rains?

, well personally the best thing to do is if you do not have a waterproof sheet go and buy one - to fir your horse. and if you are riding when it rains and you think it might rain, put the waterproof sheet on. a blanket could do, but waterproof sheet is much warmer and some are even fleece lined. I ( Full Answer )

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When do you put on a fleece rug on a horse?

You usually put a fleece rug on a horse when you put them outside in the winter. Most horses wont need a winter rug because they grow a thick coat but if it's REALLY cold or your horse is clipped then you will need one.

Can you put sod over a straw blanket in spring?

You might consider that if you put straw down in fall, the straw will have decayed enough by spring. But in most areas, you would be mistaken. Sod is intended to be installed on soil that is free of other plants or organic refuse and has been roughed up slightly to encourage a good solid connection ( Full Answer )

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