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You should do this in cold weather when the horse is wet, usually after a workout when the horse is soaked in sweat and is hot, he will catch a chill fast if you don't blanket with straw/hay. After sleigh rides in Northern Ontario our draft horses are soaked in hot sweat, even tho the horses are hot/warm they NEED their blankets until their hair is dry. We can't turn the horses outside soaked in sweat and we don't want to keep them in the barn so we put their blankets on and pack hay or straw (whichever is cheaper) under the blanket. We only keep the blankets on the horses until the horse's hair is dry. The straw/hay keeps the blanket from packing the horses hair down and helps air flow to dry the hairs, the blanket traps heat and provides a wind break. If you blanket without that hay/straw layer it will take longer to dry(causing very itchy skin) and pack the horses natural insulator/hair to the point where it can't do its job. That and in wet/damp freezing rain storms is the only time we blanket the horses and we never blanket without the straw/hay, the horses stay outside 24/7 with free access to hay & water and a good windbreak with roof, no need for blankets otherwise for our horses.

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Q: Thatching is putting straw under your horse's rug or blanket When would you do this?
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A yelm is a bundle of straw used for thatching, for example on a roof.

Out of these which one horses dont eat straw carrot alfalfa straw?

Horses will eat all three of those things. Horses are least likely to eat straw.

What do barb horses eat?


What do you call the food that horses eat that is shaped like a straw?

Straw xD

Do horses like straw?

of course, but to some horses, its not there fav. but they like it.

When you are putting in mulch do you take out the pine straw?


What do farmers use to bed their horses?


What is the difference between hay straw and propane?

the difference between hay and straw is that horses eat hay and straw is a bedding.

Are horses allowed barley straw?

yes. we use it

Why feed horses hay and not straw?

Because straw is harder than hay and straw will get stuck in the digestive system because it is too thik.

Why do horses suddenly start eating their straw bedding?

If a horse is hungry straw is similar enough to hay that they will eat it.

Which one of these foods do horses not like Alfalfa straw hay carrot?

straw. that is why it is used for bedding.however horses will eat straw also but it has no nutritional value Horses love carrots, they are a popular horse treat. Alfalfa makes very high quality hay with good nutritional value that horses will eat readily. Straw is dried grass, stems more than leaf, and it is dry, tasteless and has little or no nutritional value. Very few horses will eat it if anything else is available, and some horses will not eat it if it is the only food they have access to. You should not feed straw to a horse.

How horses find their food?

horses will eat anything from grass to human food to maybe straw.. depends..

Do horses eat straw?

Actually, if there is nothing more interesting to eat, cows and horses will certainly EAT straw. Straw is often used as bedding in horse stall, and many horses eat it. However, straw has about as much nutrition as foam packing peanuts and horses and cows cannot live on such a deficient diet. It's a bit like asking if children eat dirt. Of course they do, but they couldn't live on it. Hay is the proper fodder for farm animals. No, farm animals like horses and cows eat hay, which has nutritional value, but do not eat straw.

Should horses eat straw?

A small taste is okay. Straw should never be used as a treat or a regular food source.

How did Joseph Friedman invent the bendy straw?

by putting a screw in a paper straw and pulled it with dental floss to bend it for his daughter to drink a milkshake

What are Elizabethan houses made of?

Primarily wood for the frame, Wattle and daub on wicker backing for the walls and , straw for thatching. Monumental homes would have been made of local or imported stone.

What does the cowboy slang 'mule's breakfast' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This meant a straw bed. Mules and horses ate hay and straw.

What do Mongolian horses eat?

apples, carrots, hay, straw, grain, oats etc

How is nitrogen returned to the soil after it has been converted into proteins?

by getting a straw and putting it back lowing it

What makes good straw?

Hay is hollow and makes good bedding for horses. But i need to know what are good characteristics of good straw for stable management.Please help x

Which one of these foods do horses not like Carrot Hay Straw Alfalfa?

None of the above, they like them all.

Why isn't The Last Straw in Diary of a Wimpy Kid coming out as a movie why are they skipping to Dog Days?

Because they are putting both The Last Straw and Dog Days together into one movie.

Can eating straw harm horses?

This depends on the straw really. Some straw may have high nitrate contents and can cause nitrate poisoning and even death if not managed correctly. Oat straw seems to have the highest nitrate ratio, but it is also the softest and most palatable to horses. Straw can be used to replace some or all of a horses hay ration if done slowly over a two week period, however when you do this you will need to provide 5 to 7 pounds of either a 16% protein grain or pelleted feed or possibly 5 to 7 pounds of alfalfa hay to mitigate the low quality of the straw. Straw is great for very easy keepers, but can cause issues. It would be best to consult a equine veterinarian and a equine nutritionist in your area for the best answers.

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Bale of straw.Bail as in Bailing someone out of jail.bAIL jAIL.Christian BALE enjoyed putting hay in bales while drinking ales made from whales.