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it was called domicutic Jon

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What was the first steam train called?

The first steam train was called the rocket.

What is the steam train?

its a train that powers with steam

What is the German word for steam train?

Steam train translates as Dampflokomotive.

What did George Stephenson do?

He created the first steam engine (train) it was called Stephenson's Rocket.

When was A Steam Train Passes created?

A Steam Train Passes was created in 1974.

What was the first steam powered train called?

Trevithick's locomotive, 1804 was the first successful steam locomotive. BRANDON ROCKS

What kind of train was the first train?

steam train

What was the name of the largest train project in America in 1860's?

It was called the Wedding Of The Rails.

What can you use a steam train for?

A steam train is used for getting material over countries.

What is a steam train?

A train that runs on steam. But first you need the coal and fire and shovel.

If a steam train is going east which direction is the smoke blowing?

there is no smoke its a steam train

What is the chimney thing on top of a steam train?

The chimney thingy is called a smoke stack.

Who invented the Victorian steam train?

George Stepehenson invented the first successful steam train.

What is the difference between a steam boat and a train?

a steam boat is on the water and a train is on railroad tracks

Is an electric train faster then a steam one?

a electric train is faster than a steam engine

What was George Stephenson first steam train called?

It was called Puffing Billy, and is the George Stephenson Museum in Newcastle.

In 1860 how many steam boats were on the Mississippi?


How fast can a steam train go?

the steam train can go up to 90 - 110km per hour

What does a locomtive steam train do?

The locomotive pulls the train.

What is the fastest steam train in the world?

The MALLARD is the fastest steam train in the world. it doesnt run on mainlines any more but is still a famous train.

What are the different kinds of train locomotives from the first steam engine to todays latest train?

Steam, diesel, and electric.

What is the birth name of Steam Train Maury?

Steam Train Maury's birth name is Maurice W. Graham.

What is the difference between steam and coal trains?

There isn't one coal is burnt in the train which heats the water turning it into stream which is pushed through a number of tight pipes building pressure to delivery drive to the wheels.Answer 2- A 'steam train' is a train which is being hauled by a steam powered engine.- A coal train is a train carrying coal. It may be pulled by a steam engine, and so also be a 'steam train', but modern trains are usually hauled by diesel or electric locomotives, and will not be steam trains.

When was Steam Train Maury born?

Steam Train Maury was born on June 3, 1917, in Atchison, Kansas, USA.

When did Steam Train Maury die?

Steam Train Maury died on November 18, 2006, in Napoleon, Ohio, USA.