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The 1st malayalee person to appear in the postal stamp?

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Sri Narayana Guru

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Blessed Alphonsamma is the first malayali woman to appear on a postal stamp in India

Postal stamp is non-judicial stamp.

A postal stamp ? Un timbre.

The first person to appear on a stamp was Queen Victoria. It was called the One Penny Black. It was issued by Great Britain in 1840.

The same as any US stamp.

St. Alphonsamma is the first woman from Kerala to be pictured on the Indian postal stamp.

No, the USPS does not have a "Joyful Ramadan" stamp. It only has an Eid stamp.

Some black female postal workers were shown on a 1973 stamp that the postal service issued to honor itself. In 1978 a stamp was issued to honor Harriet Tubman.

The name of the first postal stamp ever created was the "penny black". On the first of May in 1840, it became the first adhesive postage stamp ever printed.

Stamps were not available in 1818. They were not created until 1840. Prior to that, if there was a postal system, the postal worker would mark on the envelop with a stamp or his pen.

In 1997, Bugs Bunny appeared on a U.S. postage stamp, the first cartoon character to be so honored, beating the iconic Mickey Mouse. The stamp is number seven on the list of the ten most popular U.S. stamps, as calculated by the number of stamps purchased but not used. The introduction of Bugs onto a stamp was controversial at the time, as it was seen as a step toward the 'commercialization' of stamp art. The postal service rejected many designs, and went with a postal-themed drawing.

It depends on which stamp you buy. they usually cost around 12p.

That will depend on which stamp you are referencing. Consulting a catalog is your best bet toward identifying the stamp and its value.

George Washington was the first president to appear on a postage stamp. He is seen on the first US stamp, issued in 1847.

No, she does not. In the US, you have to be deceased to have a stamp issued in your honor. Elizabeth Dole is still living.

YES!! Do a search and you can even find the images used for this US postage stamp!

They were an amount of money in which you would pay.

As of 2016, one standard forever stamp costs 49 cents.

In 2001, the USPS issued its only Thanksgiving stamp.

Harriet Tubman was the first to have her own stamp. Some black female postal workers appeared on an earlier stamp.

Current price for a first -class stamp is 45 cents, as of 10/4/12.

In 1934 the price of a first class stamp was 3 cents. A postcard cost 1 cent.

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