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press the eject button and hold it until the CDs eject I had this problem with my 2001 Rodeo, it is the first sign of the CD changer taking a crap and breaking.

AnswerThe first mentioned response worked for a while with me too. Eventually, I had to have the unit replaced. My CD changer was changed twice. I advise you, unless your unit is still under warranty, not to get another Honda disk changer. The second time mine failed, I replaced with a non Honday stereo/CD player and all is fine.
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DVD player will not eject DVD?

Either the player is damaged somewhere and cannot function properly, or the disc carriage is jammed

How do you get a jammed CD out of a ford 6 CD dash player?

take the CD player out and open it up to get it or just take to get it fixed

How do you remove a jammed CD from a car CD player?

if its jammed its jammed, youll have to remove the unit from the dash, then remove the screws and take off the outside case around the CD player and get the CD out that way, its common sense, it is not going to fix itself, you have to take it apart and take the CD out, then put it back together like it was , then buy an iPod and get a new stereo that has aux input

How to remove CD jammed from CD-radio played in Intrepid 200?

A jammed CD in the CD-radio player in a 2000 Intrepid can be removed by inserting a paper clip into the right side of the inlet. This will force the CD to eject and allow it to be safely removed.

How do you get CDs out of a jammed CD player in a 2000 Volvo S80?

You have to remove the player from the dash (disconnect neg. battery cable first). Disassemble it and manually push out the discs. My CD's were jammed and I had to do this. I also noticed that a gear which moves the CD holders had broken teeth. I'm still trying to find a replacement gear. HERE'S A TRICK I FIGURED OUT: Take another CD. Go to the slot the CD is jammed in (Disc 3, 4 whatever)...MAKE SURE YOU HOLD THE CD TIGHTLY. Put the new CD in, but don't actually insert it in all the way. When the CD player tries to "pull it in," pull the CD out quickly. The "jammed" CD will spit out if you try this several times, usually. Certain CDs don't agree with the Volvo CD player (at least mine), and I am not sure why.

What happens if a poker player exposes cards with action remaining?

So that no single player has the advantage of having seen the exposed card, the card has to be turned up for all the remaining players to see. - Bdx

Why Car CD player clicks instead of ejecting?

It is most likely either jammed, or damaged so that some part of the player is holding the disk back. the clicking noise is the sound of the motor skipping.

In Scrabble what is minimum number of remaining tiles where an exchange is allowed?

A player may exchange up to seven tiles as long as there are at least seven tiles still remaining in the bag.

Problem with your CD player on your 1999 ford windstar SE?

See "Related Questions" below for questions relating to Windstar radios - possibly the one discussing the jammed cds(??)

Can a goal keeper be substituted prior to the taking of a penalty kick?

If a team has substitutions remaining they may substitute on a penalty kick. If no substitutions are remaining, then putting a field player in the goal keeper position is allowed. When taking kicks from the mark to decide the winner of a match, a goal keeper who is injured may be substituted for if their team has substitutions remaining (this is not true for the other players). If a goal keeper is so injured, and there are no substitutions remaining, then a field player must take their place.

How do you fix the CD player on a 02 olds alero?

Fixing your cd player will depend on what the problem is. Make sure the wiring harness is securely connected. Make sure the in-line fuse is operational. Make sure the cd player fuse in the fuse box is operational.

How do you fix CD player in ford windstar?

Not exactly sure what the nature of the problem is that needs "fixing", but the "Related Questions" below cover dealing with getting jammmed cd's out.

What is considered icing In hockey?

When a player is on his/her half of the ice and shoots the puck the remaining length of the ice (past the goal line), towards the opposition, without it touch another player or goalie.

How do you clear a jammed CD player in a 2005 oddessey touring?

Try to load another CD. This might dislodge the stuck CD such that the eject mechanism spits out the stuck CD just enough to be retrieved with pliers.

How do you take out the factory CD player in a 99 Mazda 626 when you have a CD jammed in it?

once a CD is stuck in the player, the player is no good. to take the player out,you have two covers on each side of the player covering a pair of holes. you need to purchase these removal pins from an auto part store like oreilly's or a Mazda dealership can remove for you sometimes for free. to remove the CD, you will have to remove the top half of the screws of the player and remove the CD hold down

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If his team has substitutions remaining, they may substitute in a new goal keeper for a field player. If not or if they choose not to, then a field player must become the goal keeper.

When a goalkeeper is red carded do you have to play without that player for the remainer of the game?

That player must go off, however, you can substitute for a new goalkeeper and play a man down on the field. If no substitutions are remaining, then a field player must replace the goal keeper.

If an NFL team scores with no time remaining in regulation do they have to kick a fieldgoal?

No, if the clock runs out and the ball is still in play, a player can enter the endzone and have it counted as a touchdown.

Who is number 45 on Manchester city?

Last year it was former man city player Mario Balotelli but he has moved to milan and Manchester city are remaining with no number 45

How do you remove jammed CD from a ford escape 6 CD player?

This happened to me a few weeks ago. Any time I got in my escape, I would turn on the CD player and it would read "CD ERROR" after a few seconds and switch to the radio. I just kept trying to eject the disc that was stuck every time I was in my escape and after a week, it popped out.

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