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The blower motor fuse has blown or the blower motor itself has blown. Change the fuse or replace the blower motor itself and you should be good.

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Q: The Air Conditioning and heater fuses keep on blowing whenever you turn on the fan air conditioning heating and windshield defrost in your 1997 neon sedan what could be causing this?
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Why when the air conditioning is blowing the air is not cold?

out of freon

Will air conditioning blowing on your arm cause it to hurt?


1988 Lincoln town car air conditioning blowing hot and cold air?

If a 1988 Lincoln Town Car is blowing both hot and cold air when the air conditioning is on, there could be a problem with the thermostat. There might also be a problem with the level of refrigerant in the air conditioning pump.

1990 mercuary cougar air conditioning blowing hot air?


Why does my 2001 dodge air conditioning not blow cold?

if its blowing, but not blowing cold its low on coolant. it takes r134a.

Why your heater is blowing cold air?

Maybe its broken. Or maybe you pressed the AIR CONDITIONING

How do you unclog my cars ac lines?

You can unclog your cars air conditioning lines by disconnecting the lines and blowing air through them. It may be just as easy to purchase air conditioning lines.

What exactly is air conditioning?

Air conditioning is removing hot air with cold air. For example we use air conditioner that removes hot air by blowing cold air from a refrigeration cycle into a room.

Pontiac grand am air conditioning blowing hot air?

You may need to charge your a/c with coolant.

The air conditioning vents are not blowing air?

The most common cause of an air conditioner not blowing air is a plugged filter. Be sure your filter is clean.

Why does a car air conditioning keep blowing fuses?

for fuse to keep blowing, there is a short in the eletrical system somewhere. check the a/c switch and the a/c clutch

How would the repair of the heater and air conditioning not blowing be made on a 1994 acura integra?

I own a 1994 acura integra and the heater/air conditioning blower is not working, I can not defrost my windows and the heat does not blow. What is wrong and how can the problem be fixed.

Why are black things blowing out of window air conditioning unit?

Either the a/c is very dirty or the filter is falling apart.............

Why would the ac be blowing warm air if there is freon in it?

Are you referring to automotive air conditioning systems? It could be a faulty compressor. It could also be a malfunction of the air door, which mixes air from the heater and air conditioning to provide finer temperature control.

When would the air conditioning of a 2003 Avalon XLS typically need to be recharged The AC has suddenly stopped cooling?

You will definitely need to recharge your air conditioning system when it stops blowing cool air. You should recharge the system at least once a year.

On a 2010 Ford Fusion could the claimant control stop the aircondictionjng blower from blowing air?

On a 2010 Ford Fusion, the claimant control can stop the air-conditioning blower from blowing air.

Why is Honda Accord AC blowing hot air?

It is broken. AC's usually blow cold air.

My air conditioning in 1500 Chevy silverado is working and blowing but it wont come out my vents?

i had the same problem .. i got frion and put it in and it worked fine

On GM truck air conditioning compressor what is the cap looks like a freeze plug on top of the compressor mine is blowing the refrigerant out?

That refrigerant oil

1998 volkswagen new beetle inside air not blowing?

If the air is not blowing on a 1998 Volkswagen new beetle an air conditioning component may be malfunctioning. The blower will most likely be the cause and require replacement.

Why does my air conditioning keeps blowing fuses on your 2004 doge ram hemi?

Dodges were famous for this. Check to make sure that you dont have any shorts in the system.

AC vents blowing through Defrost and bottom vents 05 crown vic?

2003 crown vic air conditioning vent dont blow

Air conditioning blowing hot air on 1997 jimmy before adding R-134a what should you know or could there be another problem?

what did it do after you added R134a?

Dodge stratus won't crank and it keeps blowing the pcm fuse also when trying to crank?

could the pcm fuse be blowing because of a short in the air conditioning switch I have seen the starter be the cause of a blown pcm fuse.

Call an Air Conditioning Service Before You Have a Problem?

In some states, air conditioning is considered something of a luxury. Anywhere south of Northern California, though, and it's really something of a necessity. If you want to make sure that your air conditioning unit lasts throughout the summer, here's a tip: Call air conditioning services before you experience a breakdown. Have them come in once a year, at the start of summer, say, and do a tune up on the unit so that you can make absolutely certain that your A/C will keep blowing that cool air all through June, July and August and many months to come.