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The Check Engine Light came on and the transmission seemed to stop shifting properly and the speedometer is not working?


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Bad speed sensor.

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according to the owners manual this could be related to a problem with the ABS. I have the same problem and am looking for a diy solution. also from the owners manual the ABS controls the transmission , and my transmission is shifting roughly, which is what I noticed before I noticed that the speedometer wasn't working.

we had to replace the speed sensor in mine and it corrected the problem with the speedometer and the shifting. Good luck

There are many signs of a bad transmission and it is important to know them. Some ways to tell if transmission is not working right, would be rough shifting, leaks, and warning lights on the dashboard blinking.Ê

If the speedometer is not working but the odometer is, I would suspect the dash cluster is at fault. If both speedometer and odometer are not working I would suspect the speed sensor on the transmission is at fault.

Speedometer flat. This may be affecting transmission.

You need to replace the speed sensor. It sends a signal to the speedometer and also sends a signal to the transmission on when it should shift.

Could be your speed sensor on your transmission

check your speedometer sensor located back left of engine bay on top of the transmission

my drive and 3rd not working what is causing this promblem is their a a promblem with the transmission

If the speedometer needle is going crazy and not working properly, it is probably the speedometer mechanism that needs to be replaced. It could also mean the vehicle is having a transmission slippage problem if the needle is bouncing back and forth.

Speedometer cable (most common) Speedometer head Gear on transmission end of speedometer cable

If both the speedometer and odometer stopped working it is probably the speed sensor in the transmission gone bad. If only the speedometer quit you may have to replace the dash cluster with a reconditioned unit.

If the spedometer is not working and the traansmision will not shift out of second it means the speed sensor is bad, unpluged or the wiring for it is damaged. The shif6ts are controled by the ECM (computer) and if does not know the speed of the car, it will not shift.

The fix for a speedometer that is not working properly on a Kia Spectra may not be a simple fix. Many people have suggested that it could be a speed sensor. However, the best option is to take it to a certified mechanic to have it inspected.

It is possible. Most new vehicles have a sensor attached to the transmission that tell the speedometer how fast the vehicle is traveling. I suggest checking, or having the sensor checked first.

ABS will no longer work (properly).Depending on the car, it might either keep working otherwise, or go into the car equivalent of "safe mode", only allowing low speed driving to get it out of traffic and into service.Could also have a inoperative speedometer, a check engine light, and a not shifting transmission.

Speedometer quit working, car wont shiftI drove a 1993 Ford Taurus. It had transmission controlled shifting. In my situation, there was a very small $5.00 piece(plastic, of course) inside the tranny that controlled the shifting which needed to be replaced. I actually had it replaced at the dealer and cost me around $160.00. Sorry I couldn't help more but hope this gives you a direction, William

check speedometer cable for possible disconnection; it comes out of firewall and goes to transmission

Have your mechanic check the speedometer cable connections. They no longer use a cable. It is electronic. If the speedometer is not working but the odometer is, the problem is in the dash cluster. If both the speedometer and odometer are not working, the speed sensor in the transmission may be at fault.

Your speedometer may have failed, or the speedometer cable that connects to the transmission, or the plastic gear in the transmission may be broken.

Can be VSS - variable speed sensor an electrical part that is mounted on transmission it senses road speed, transmission speed & displays this on the dash board as speedometer reading if it is not working properly speedo and/or cruise control will read incorrectly

speedometer not working can you help

I had the same problem. Except that the transmission was not shifting as well. It was the transmission control module. It cost me about $450 to fix at the dealership 4yrs ago. I have had no problems since.

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