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The other poster is correct, but here is an easy explanation of a blocked urethra: It's like a straw that is packed with sand, but eventually if fluids are behind it (urine) the sand will eventually move. This causes infection. You don't have to pass a stone to have great pain. The other, if this person is an alcoholic it can cause high uric acids which can be caused from too much drinking. This can also cause gout (swelling of especially the leg or ankles) and can be extremely painful. It is adviseable that this person seek medical help as soon as possible. Look into a urinary tract infection.

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What caused urethra blockage?

Usually kidney stones. Kidney stones are small pieces of calcium which, if small enough can travel down the urethra - and possibly cause a blockage.

What kidney structure empties into the urethra?

The bladder empties into the urethra. The renal pelvis enters into the ureter. There is no kidney structure that empties into the urethra.

Does your kidney get affected when you drink alchoholic beverages?

of course ! yes

Compare and contrast the ureters and the urethra?

urethra is what urine comes out of, and the ureters carry the wastes from the kidney to the urethra

Does the urethra take urine from the kidney to the bladder?

No. The urethra takes the urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. The ureter takes the urine from the kidney to the bladder.

Is the urethra part of a nephron?

Urethra is not a part of nephron. You have about one million nephrons in each kidney and you have only one urethra.

Function of kidney pelvis?

It is a funnel type shape and it is part of the urethra in the kidney.

Urine way from kidney out of the body?

Kidney to ureter, to bladder, through urethra, out!

What is pelvicalyceal obstruction?

A blockage in the kidney but can be caused by other things apart from kidney stones

Does the urethra enter or leave the hilus of the kidney?


What are two organs in the urinary system?

Kidney & urethra

What are the order of urine flow through ureter kidney bladder urethra?

The order is:KidneysUretersBladderUrethra

What are the other excretory organ aside from kidney and skin?


What is the excretory organ of a rat?

The kidney,ureter,urethra,and bladder

What is the differences between left kidney and right kidney?

You can try to identify the left from the right by looking at the position of the vein, the artery and the urethra. The artery is anterior of the vein and the urethra is pointing downwards.

Which body system includes the kidney and urethra?

The urinary system, also known as the renal system, includes the kidneys and the Urethra

Is renal colic is an acute pain in the the kidney area that is caused by blockage during the passage of a kidney stone?


The urinary tract is composed of which 3 parts?

Kidney, urethra, bladdeer

Where does Urine come out?

The ureter from the kidney to the bladder, then the urethra from the bladder to the exit.

What is the structure of the excretory system?

urinary bladder,urethra, ureter, and the kidney

What causes kidney infection?

Kidney infections are usually caused when bacteria gets in your urethra and gets up to your bladder. It can also be caused by kidney stones.

An acute pain in the kidney area caused by blockage during the passage of a kidney stone is known as renal?

Renal Colic

Why one kidney is larger in human body?

this could be caused by urine backing up to a kidney because of blockage .if there is no hydronephroses then the right kidney could be compensating for a smaller left kidney

What are stent placements in your kidney?

Stent placements in your kidney are small tubes that are used to help drain urine when the urethra is blocked.

What is the function of the ureter and urethra in the urinary system?

The ureter carries urine from the kidney to the bladder. The urethra carries urine from the bladder to the outside of your body.