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Q: The Foreign Object Damage cover team is responsible for assembling the Foreign Object Damage FOD cover for what teams?
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The forgein object damage cover team is responsible for assembling the FOD cover for what teams?

mos and twy team

What is the purpose of foreign object debris (FOD) program?

The purpose is to prevent foreign object damage.

The primary cause of foreign object damage is?

Bird collisions

Who is responsible to ensure the airfield is FOD free?

FOD (Foreign Object Damage) removal is the responsibility of all ground-crew members, and anyone tasked for the job by authority personnel at the airfield.

You hit car who then hit the next car are you responsible for both cars?

Yes, you are responsible for all the damage caused by your accident therefore if an object you hit goes on to cause further damage as a result of being hit then you are responsible for all the damage.

How does the hauling crew support the ADR repair teams?

By providing them with fill material and foreign object damage (FOD) cover deliveries.

Which foreign object damage cover is being used by today's force?

am-2 and folded mat material or fiverglass reinforced panels

Would could cause an inoperative turbocharger?

Root cause can be traced to foreign object damage such as dirty oil or debris in the inlet air. Broken sparkplug electrodes can damage and destroy the turbine wheel.

What is penetration with a foreign object?

"Penetration" is generally referred in reference to anal or vaginal penetration. A "foreign object" is something other than a body part. A penis is not a foreign object. A foreign object could be a vibrator, a vegetable or fruit, a stick, or even a bottle.

If you hit an object on the freeway and caused damage to a friend's car can you be held liable for the damage or deductible in CA?

More than likely, yes. The car was the responsibility of the person driving it at the time of damage, regardless of the circumstances. You are NOT liable for any part of the damage (including deductible) as long as you are driving with your friend's permission. No, you are not responsible for the damage.

Four basic methods for making sculpture are?

-Carving: The sculptor starts with a block of material, and chips any un-needed parts of this material to create an object. -Casting: In this process the sculptor starts by making a mold, and pours a melted metal onto the material. -Modeling: Building up a shape...DUH!:) -Assembling: The sculptor constructs the object. Thanks!!

What would cause the engine to break a valve in two?

For intake or exhaust valves; Lack of oil, defective valve, bent push rod, foreign object damage, etc.