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What period in history is based in The Grapes of Wrath?

The Depression the 1930's

Why is the movie called The Grapes of Wrath?

Because that was the name of the book the movie was based on.

Which novel of steinbecks is based off of newspaper editorials describing migrant camps?

The Grapes of the Wrath

What is the movie The Grapes of Wrath about?

A family during the Great Depression ; the film is based upon the book by John Steinbeck .

What period of historyid based on The Grapes of Wrath?

During this time which was in the 1930's the great depression was just ending. the dust bowl started and many people were losing their land to the government and having to move to find a job to feed their families.

The Grapes of Wrath is based on what period in time?

The Dust Bowl. That is why they were moving and following the crops. It is accurate that the book takes place during the Dust Bowl. However, the Joad family moves because of the industrialization of farming and the "tractors." Additionally, the story has to take place in or after 1936 because there is a reference to the Lincoln Zepher, which was introduced that year.

With what state is Steinbeck associated?

John Steinbeck wrote several novels based entirely or largely in California including: To a God Unknown Tortilla Flat Of Mice and Men The Grapes of Wrath The Wayward Bus Cannery Row East of Eden

What is the cultural value of The Grapes of Wrath?

Period depression novel that dealt with the Depression and depressing realities. This is in a totally different vein than say novels about the well-heeled aviatrix Linda Carlton who may have been based on a real female pilot- but Not Ms. Earhart. One offers high-flying escape, the other depressive reality, different strokes on the typewriter.

Which alcohol products are grain based?

Bourbon, Rye, Scotch and Beer are grain based. Vodka is potato based. Wine, of course, is grapes or other fruit.

How much fiber do grapes have?

Grapes contain 0.9g of dietary fibre in a 100g serving. This amount is equal to 4% of the daily recommendation based on a 2000 kcal diet.

Which of these movies was based on a real-life assassination plot called Operation Wrath of God?


Why is history important to a church?

Church is based on history. Its existence would not exist without history.

What was the code of Hammurabi based on?

the code of Hammurabi was based on old history

During the founding period of US history political parties could be best characterized as?

Small coalitions based more on geography and class than on common economic intrests.

What is the evolutionary history of primates based on?

Based on fossil evidence, we can conclude that the history of Primates is about 55 to 60 million years long.

What are the four stages of computer?

The four stages in the computer history are the Vacuum Tube, Transistor, Integrated Circuit and the Microprocessors of our current day. 1) Vacuum Tube related to the period from......... to ......... The working of this tool was based on........... 2) Transistor was related to the period from........ to ....... The working of this tool was ............. 3) Integrated Circle was existed during the period ....... The advantages of this stage of computers were................................................................. 4) The present day computers are based on Microprocessor based technology which has been developed and generalised for use since.......... The advantages are........

Why is history corrupted?

History can be viewed as corrupt because it is biased based on who wrote it.

Are ads based on Internet history?

Some websites may ask to use your 'cookies' in which case, yes the ads will be based on your Internet history

Accrued payroll is based on work performed in a period but paid in the next period?


What is scientific thinking based on?

It was a period in history (basically the 17th century) when men and women began to ascertain truths about life, the world, and the heavens, without resorting to Christian dogma for the answers.

How many pips in a bunch of grapes?

85 based on the average number of two pips per grape and forty on the bunch

Is Gone With The Wind US history?

No. It is a fictional story set against the historical background of the American Civil War. No it is fiction, however it is based on an actual period of US history and reasonably accurately portrays how people of that time and place might have responded to events.

Is Assassins Creed based on history?


What does historical mean?

It basically means based in history or famous in history and past events.

How to write a group history?

You write a group history based on the achievements and the shortcomings of the group.

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