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Yes the Hawaiian Islands are a series of volcanoes.

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Q: The Hawaiian Islands are a group of volcanoes?
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Are hawaiian islands cinder cone volcanoes?

No. The Hawaiian islands are shield volcanoes.

How have volcanoes helped to create the Hawaiian islands?

Volcanoes shot out magma which cooled down to make the Hawaiian Islands.

What type of volcanoes are on the Hawaiian Islands?

Shield volcanoes

What type of a volcanoes are in the Hawaiian Islands?

They are shield volcanoes

The Hawaiian Islands are formed by?


How were the Hawaiian formed?

It is thought that volcanoes formed the Hawaiian islands.

What type of volcanoes formed the Hawaiian islands?

Shield Volcanoes.

What type of volcanoes are in the Hawaiian islands?

They are called Shield Volcanoes.

How were hawaiian islands formed?

Volcanoes formed the Hawaiian Islands over millions and millions of years.

What type of Volcanoes are the Hawaiian Islands?


The Hawaiian islands were formed?

From undersea volcanoes.

What oceans are the Hawaiian Islands formed by?


Is the formation of the Hawaiian Islands is one example of volcanoes forming over a hot spot?

Yes. The Hawaiian Islands were formed by hot spot volcanoes.

What kind of volcanoes occur on the hawaiian islands?

The Hawaiian islands were formed by shield volcanoes. However, cinder cones are also present on top of some of them.

What caused the creation of the Hawaiian islands?

over millions of years of earupting volcanoes formed the hawaiian islands

Which islands were formed by volcanoes?

The Aleutian Islands, Canary Islands, Hawaiian Islands,I think it was Hawaii.

Where the Hawaiian islands formed by earthquakes or volcanoes?

The Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanoes over a 'hot spot' in the Earth's Pacific plate. This process still continues and is responsible for the volcanoes in the national park.

Are the Hawaiian Islands cinder cone volcanoes?

The Hawaiian volcanoes can form cinder cones, however the type of volcano they are classified as is shield volcano due to their broad sloping sides and the ability for their lava to flow.No. The Hawaiian islands are shield volcanoes.

The formation of the hawaiian islands is associated with?

Shield volcanoes.

Describe the volcanoes in the Hawaiian islands?

there beuatilful and are awsome

How were the hawaiian islands made?

They were all produced by volcanoes.

How many volcanoes are there on all of the Hawaiian islands?


Are the the hawaiian islands cinder cone volcanoes?


Will the Hawaiian islands be destroyed by a volcano?

No. The Hawaiian islands were created by volcanoes, but these volcanoes are not the type produce to the massive caldera forming eruptions such as the ones that destroyed Thera and Krakatoa.

Which Hawaiian islands have inactive volcanos?

The entire Hawaiian Islands chain was formed by volcanoes, but the only currently active volcanoes are on the Big Island of Hawai'i. So islands such as Maui, Oahu, Lanai, Kauai, and Molokaii are all inactive volcanoes.