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The Jewish Tanakh (Bible) is called the Old Testament by Christians.

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What is the holy book of the Christian and how does it differ from that of the Jewish holy book?

The Christian Holy Book is the Bible. The primary difference between the Christian Bible and the Jewish Bible is the addition of the New Testament, which fundamentally alters the relationship between God and his Creation. Additionally, the Old Testament is a rearranged version of the Jewish Bible and resorts to translations of texts and material additions not present in the Jewish Bible.

What two religions consider the bible a holy book?

jewish and christian i think

How does the Bible differ from the Jewish holy book?

The Jewish Bible is the same thing as the Jewish holy book.

What are the 2 testaments in the bible?

New and old. The old is a modified Jewish holy book, the new one is the Christian holy book ... mostly written by Paul.

What is an example of a Christian holy book?

A Bible is the most important Christian holy book.

Did the book of exodus observe Jewish holy texts?

The book of Exodus IS one of the Jewish holy texts. It does not "observe" holy texts.

Is the Tanakh the Jewish holy book?

Yes. The Tanakh (Jewish Bible) is the Jewish Holy Book. Read more at the Related Question.

What is the holy book used forJudaism religon?

The Torah is the Jewish Holy Book.

Who is the founder and holy book called for Christianity?

The Christian Holy Book is called the Holy Bible. Christian means a follower of Christ Jesus.

What is the Jewish holy book written after the Old Testament?

The Christian Old Testament plays no role in Judaism. That being said, the Jewish Bible is called the Tanach and there are no other holy books other than those found in the Jewish Bible.

What is the holy book of Judaism and Israel?

The Holy Book of Judaism is the Tanakh. Israel is a nation without an official state religion. (While Israel is the Jewish State, it is only Jewish in the ethnic sense, not the religious sense.) Most Israelis are Jews, but there are Muslim, Christian, Druze, and Baha'i minorities who each have their own holy books. To read more about the Jewish Holy Book, please read the Related Question below.

Why is the Torah the holy book of Buddhism?

The Torah is a Jewish holy book, it is not related to Buddhism.

Is the quran the Jewish holy book?

NO. Quran is the Islamic holy book.

What is the holy bok of Christianity?

The Christian Holy book is "the Bible" Cotaining Facts about Mary Jesus and more

Is the bible a Jewish holy book?

The Jewish Bible is called the Tanach. The Christian Bible (Old Testament) was based on the Tanach, however, it was altered to support the teachings of Christianity.

What are the books which are named after the names of the prophets?

I don't know what you mean but each Prophet has a book that came down upon them. That made the religions. For example; In the Islamic religion, the holy book is the Quran. In the Christian religion, their holy book is the Bible, while in the Jewish religion, their holy book is the Torah.

Who was writer of Jewish Holy Book?


What kind of holy books do religions have?

the answer is... The holy book for Christianity is the BIBLE The holy book for Islam is the QURAN The holy book for the Jewish is the TORAH hope this helped you bye

Why is Passover important to holy week?

Passover is a Jewish holiday. Holy week is a Christian event.

What is the name of the Christian God and Holy Book?

Christians have no name for God other then "God". The holy book of the Chrisitians is the "Bible", which comprises the Old Testament Jewish Torah and the New Testament which documents the life and teaching of Christ.

Where is the Old Testament located?

At the beginning of the Bibler. It's one of two Testaments in the Christian Holy Book, alongside the New Testament. It also can be found in the Jewish Holy Scriptures I think.

What is the bible for Judaism and Islam?

Judaism and Islam have different holy books. The Holy Book for Judaism is the Tanakh or Jewish Bible, which roughly corresponds to the Christian Old Testament (although there are some slight translation differences). The Holy Book for Islam is the Qur'an or Recitation, which is a different holy book revealed by Muhammad to the pagan Arabs.To read more on each please see the Related Questions:What are the Jewish Holy Books called?What are the Islamic Holy Books called?

What language was the Jews' holy book written in?

The Jewish Bible, Tanakh (called the Old Testament by Christians) consists of 24 books, 23 of which are in Hebrew. The book of Daniel is partially in Aramaic.

What is the most important Jewish Holy Book?

The most important Jewish Holy Book is the Torah. Which means 'teaching' or 'instruction.' Read more about this at the Related Question.

What Jewish holy book describes the story of the exodus?

The Book of Exodus.