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The Normans were in descendant of the Vikings and lent their names to the region in North France named Normandy. The Duchy of Normandy started in 911.

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Yes, the Normans (from Normandy in France) descended from Norwegian and Danish Vikings - thoroughly mixed up with the local population.

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Q: The Normans were descended from the Vikings they came to France?
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When an where did the British came from?

As of 2011, from just about every country of the world. Historically they are descended from Celts, Picts, Irish, Romans, Vikings, Angles, Saxons and Normans.

Did Dublin begin as a viking or Norman settlement?

A Viking settlement- The Vikings settled in Dublin around the year 841AD. The 'Normans', at this point in time, were actually still Vikings - The Normans were Vikings who settled in Normandy in France, hence the name. They came to England and became the 'Anglo-Normans' and then came to Ireland in 1169AD, arriving at Baginbun in South-East Ireland.

Did William the Conqueror invade Normandy in 1066?

Yes, it was 1066 when Duke William of Normandy successfully invaded. The Normans had, however, been exercising power by marrying into the English royal family at various points and there were many Normans at the English court. Given that the Normans were descended from Vikings who settled in Northern France and most of the English nobility then were also partly descended from Vikings, culturally and racially they had much in common, but there was a language difference.

What contries were the Romans and normans from?

The Romans came from Italy. The Normans came from Normandy, France.

Did Saxons come from Normandy?

No. The Normans came from Northern France.

Where did the Normans live?

They orrigianly came from scandavia in northen france The Normans lived in Normandy Northern France but where originally from Scandinavia

Are all Irish people descended from the Celts?

No. The first people that came to Ireland were not Celts. They came from the north of Spain. Other peoples came to Ireland too, that make what is now the Irish people, including Vikings and Normans. So, like any country in the world, the people in Ireland have various origins.

Where did the name Parlett come from?

England but is originally from France, came with the normans.

Did the Normans came to France in the tenth century?

The Normans came from France to England in 1066, which was in the 11th Century.The first century ended with year 100, the second with 200. So the eleventh started with 1001 and ended with 1100.

Who were the germanic tribes that overthrough early settlers of England?

The Angles (England = Angle-land), the Saxons, the Jutes and the Frisians were the primary ones. The Normans, who came later, were also Germanic-ish as well, being descended from Vikings and Franks with a lot of Gaulish blood mixed in.

Are Normans a part of Europe?

Some came from the north of Europe and went to France to the part now known as Normandy.

What is the name of the nation known as today when the normans invaded England in 1066?

The nation that the Normans came from is known as France today and the nation that they invaded is now known as Britain or United Kingdom (UK).