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I don't know exactly what the day was, but I know Darry doesn't let Ponyboy out on a school night. So it's probably on the weekend.

I do know that it happened at 2:30 in the morning.

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Who was killed by Johnny cade?

Bob was killed by Johnny

Who do the pony and johnny ask for help when johnny killed bob in the outsiders?

Pony and Johnny ask Dally for help when Johnny killed bob

Did ponyboy kill bob from the outsiders or johny?

Ponyboy killed Bob. Johnny was his friend, and he took him to the hospital. There Johnny later died, but Ponyboy killed Bob.

Why did you support johnny when he killed bob?

I supported Johnny alot while he killed Bob because he did it to protect his friend.

When did Johnny and Ponyboy go to the church in The Outsiders?

After Bob tryed to drown Ponyboy and Johnny killed bob.

When did Johnny kill Bob in the outsiders?

Johnny killed Bob to protect Pony as him and the other Socs were drowning him in the fountain

Why did johnny and Ponyboy run away?

They feared persecution after Johnny killed Bob.

The outsiders-why does Ponyboy keep saying he killed Bob?

This is because he tries to block it out of his mind that Johnny is truly the one who killed Bob even though deep down inside, he knows that Johnny is the one who killed Bob.

Why did ponyboy keep saying he killed bob?

because he was shocked that all of this happened and he did not want to talk about Johnny he wanted to forget him but in his mind he knows that johnny killed Bob

What did the Socs do to make Johnny kill Bob?

Johnny killed Bob because they were drowning Ponyboy. He was scared they were going to kill him.

Why do you think ponyboy said he had killed bob and that johnny was not dead?

Pony didn't want to believe that johnny was dead and believe that he (Pony) did kill bob and not johnny is because Pony didn't want johnny to get in trouble and go to a boy's home so he blamed himself for johnny and bob being killed.

In the outsiders did johnny kill the socs?

Johnny only killed Bob. (Yes a Soc.)

Why did ponyboy and johnny hide out?

They hide because Johnny killed the Soc named Bob

Why had Ponyboy false believed that he killed Bob Shelton and that johnny was still alive?

He started to lose his mind after Johnny died, and as part of his concussion, he convinced himself that Johnny was still alive, and that he (Ponyboy) killed Bob.

What did johnny do at the park in the outsiders?

Johnny killed Bob in the park with a switchblade that he keeps in his back pocket ever since he was beat up, he killed Bob because he was drowning ponyboy.

Who is responsible for killing Bob in the outsiders and why but not Jhonny?

It was Johnny who killed Bob. There is no Jhonny, He killed Bob to protect Ponyboy because Bob was trying to drown him in the fountain at the park.

Is it right that Johnny Killed bob?

Yes, he stabbed him because Bob was about to drown Ponyboy.

What had been the result of johnny killing bob as far as the feud between the socs and the greasers is concerned?

Johnny killed bob because Bob was trying to drown Pony-boy. So Johnny got out his switch blade and killed Bob to save Pony-boys life so Bob the soc did not kill him.

Why did johnny kill bob in the outsiders?

Bob had beaten Johnny up once, and they were going after Ponyboy, trying to drown him, he acted in defense of Pony and killed Bob

Why did randy visit ponyboy in chapter 10?

It was chapter 11. It was to tell him about the court date and to say that it wasn't his fault that Johnny killed Bob.

How was Bob Sheldon from the outsiders killed?

Johnny Stabbed him with a switchblade.

In the Outsiders who did Johnny Kill?

Johnny killed Cherry's boyfriend, Bob. It was only in defence; Bob and his gang were drunk and trying to drown Ponyboy.

What does ponyboy tell randy was the person who killed bob?

In The Outsiders novel the character Ponyboy tells Randy that he was the one who killed Bob. It was really his friend Johnny who killed Bob but Ponyboy is protecting him.

Who killed the socs with Ponyboy in the outsiders?

Johnny (greaser and Ponyboy's friend) killed Bob (a soc).

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