Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

The Pokemon moves in Pokemon LeafGreen?


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There are many you can find out all the moves by checking the questionarre at the pokemart and choosing the category moves.


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Has to be traded from LeafGreen/Colosseum.

yes,let the Pokemon you want to lean a move and teach it

If it's held by a Pokemon it will boost Water type moves.

In Pokemon LeafGreen, Missingo looks like a question mark and has no moves! If you try to attack with it,it will freeze your game, so don't catch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there is no good Pokemon and bad Pokemon its just the way You level it up and what moves it knows /execpt Magikarp they cant learn moves but Gyrados is worth it at the end.

get the silph scope and use dark moves wich are super affective

Poison type pokemon have the same weaknesses in LeafGreen as in all other pokemon games so far; they are weak to psychic and ground type moves.

Nope as long as you have big mushrooms or tiny mushrooms you can have the move tutor teach Pokemon moves forever.

I Don't know for sure. But moves are: Fire Blast, Earthquake, Wing Attack and Flamethrower.

Yes you can trade leafgreen version Pokemon to another leafgreen version.

they dont persistently attack they use moves to help defense

pshycic,surf,confuse ray,and body slam

raikou's most powerfull moves in Pokemon leaf green and fire red are hyper beam thunderbolt thunder rest

thurderbolt, iron tail, thunder, quick attack (in my opinion)

Blackglasses are a hold item designed to raise the power of Dark-Type moves.

Electabuzz will not appear in Pokemon Leafgreen, and you'll have to trade or transfer one from another game.

Meowth learns several movies in Pokemon LeafGreen. Meowth learns Bite, Pay Day, Faint Attack, Screech, Fury Swipes, Slash, Fake Out, and Swagger.

You can. Island 2 on Leaf Green, there is a man that will teach your Pokemon moves for 2 tinymushrooms or 1 big mushroom.

I don't know... If you know, please email me at! Thank You!!!!!!!

snorlax can learn headbutt,body slam,earthquake,tackle and amnesia

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