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Q: The Wiggles a singing group for children come from what country?
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The Wiggles are geared toward what age group?

The wiggles are geared toward children. The Wiggles is a children's musical group and their songs, performances, etc. focuses on influencing children as they develop and provide some educational songs.

Who is the tour promoter for the wiggles?

The tour promoter for The Wiggles is Blaine Brinton. The Wiggles are an Australian children's music group formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991.

How many DVDs have the Wiggles released?

To date the Austrailian children's music group and children's television favourite Wiggles have released forty-four dvds. The Wiggles also have released books, live shows, and children's music albums.

What age range are The Wiggles aimed for?

The Wiggles are a children's music group from Australia. The general age range is between 4 and 12 years old.

The Big Red Car was recorded by what group?

The Big Red Car is a song recorded by the group The Wiggles in 1999. The Wiggles is an Australian band that makes music specifically for children. It was formed in 1991.

Is pistol annies a singing group?

it is a country singing group with Miranda Lambert in it and 3 other girls!

What is called group of children singing together?

I believe it would be called a Children's Choir.

Which group pushed for the bill of rights?

The Wiggles

Which country did the pop singing group ABBA come from?


What country gave the world the singing group ABBA and the Volvo car?

My country, Sweden! ;-)

What are the names of the Wiggly Dancers from the Australian Kids Show the Wiggles?

The Wiggles are a group of performs that like in entertain children. They are from Australia and the members names are Anthony Field, Emma Watkins, Simon Pryce and Lachlan Gillespie.

What happen to the singing group the spinners?

they are still performing across the country

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