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Just like the radiator cools the water going into your engine, the condensor (located in front of the radiator) cools the refridgerant in the ac system. The temp of the radiator can directly affect the cooling efficiency of the ac. You either are having a cooling problem in the ac or in the engine. If your ac is not properly charged the heat from the radiator has a greater effect on the ac system. If you have already had this checked out, then you have a engine cooling problem. I had an explorer that did the same thing. Found out it was a two fold problem. One I had a small leak at a hose connection that would over time lower my coolant level and second,I had a thermostat that was working improperly. The thermostat was working enough to keep the eng from overheating but it was causing my water temp to run a little hotter than it should. Explorer gauges are known to not be entirely accurate so you SUV could be running a little hotter than what you think. Either one the eng cooling sys. or the ac sys. charge is nore than likely your problem. If you have a reputable shop nearby you can have your ac sys checked for a small price and sometimes free. You just need to be sure that it is a place that will tell you the truth for yu to accurately trouble shoot your problem. You could go the other route and go to a mechanic shop and have them check the cooling sys. This shouldn't cost much and yu might go ahead and have them flush it and service it if has been a while. After that is done and you still have the problem then you will know the ac needs serviced if it is still not working.

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Q: The ac in your 1993 ford explorer works fine until the engine temp gauge goes a bit past mid way at that point the ac blows hot air once the engine temp gauge goes back to halfway the ac is cold again?
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