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The hvac (heater control card behind the knobs and switches of ac/heat controls) control module may be blown, or there may be a sycronization problem with the vent door variable resistor and its respective stepper motor (do your get ABS + brake light warnings on dash when you turn on the fan) - you can sync the resistor/steeper motor by taking it to the dealer or there is a no computer manual way to do it in the shop manual !! if you replace the control module it will need to be reprogrammed by the dealer (per web site that sell them and shop manual - I'm not sure yet if its just to sync the resistor/stepper motors or for its ID on the serial communication buss that its on) - good luck

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Q: The ac on your 2003 trailblazer ls will not blow through the dash vents after you changed the battery what has caused this?
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