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i have a 02 trailblazer and that happened to me. was the air bag sensor, yes.i think the dealer charged me around 220.00 to replace the sensor.

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What causes hot flashes during menopause?

decreasing estrogen

Why do some women have hot flashes?

Women typically start to have hot flashes during their menopause. Since there is no clear consensus amongst the scientists regarding the cause of the hot flashes during the menopause, it is also unclear why some women don't get them at all while others do.

During menopause vasomotor instability is most likely to cause?

Hot flashes.

Is the trademark of Taylor Swift's heart symbol originally came from her or there's anyone did before her?

Lots of people have been doing the heart symbol for years and years - Jason Mraz also flashes that fairly often during his shows, I believe.

What happens during menopause?

Answer: During menopause,you get hot flashes, night sweats, pain during intercourse, increased anxiety or irritability, and the need to urinate more often.

Are hot flashes normal during pregnancy?

A lot of my friends including myself had hot flashes as well as cold flashes duiring pregnancy. I would say it is normal. You're body is going through a lot of hormone changes. The change in the hormone levels is what causes these flashes. If it helps at night use a fan and try a cool shower before bed. That's what helped me.

How dangerous were cameras during the late 1800s?

really dangerous becauze people can go blind by the flashes.

What does it mean if you randomly pass out and find that you had been doing stuff during this time?


Can puberty cause hot flashes?

You sweat more during puberty if that is what you mean. It's different for everyone how much.

When sex cells randomly combine during fertilization to produce offspring there is?

increase genetic diversity

Do F1 cars have a back stop light?

Nope. The light at the back of an F1 car is used (flashing) during a designated wet race. I think it also flashes when the pitlane speedlimiter is on and it flashes more rapidly as speed increases.

How does genotypic variation occur?

Genotypic variation occurs when alleles are randomly sorted during sexual reproduction.

Where can you get Thunderous in Pokemon white?

The weather begins to become stormy randomly on the routes. During this, you can chance-encounter him

What happens when sex cells randomly combine during fertilization to produce offspring?

low risk of mutation.

How can lighthouses be identified at night?

Lighthouses can be identified by their different patterns of flashes per minute. During the day, it can be identified by particular markings.

What occurs when the temperature regulation mechanism in the brain is disturbed oftentimes when estrogen levels fall during menopause?

It would be hot flashes.

When does Dr Skunk come in animal crossing wild world?

He comes randomly during a weekday, but not every week.

What Is Mendels law of segregation?

allele pairs separate or segregate during gamete formation, and randomly unite at fertilization.

Will you have chills hot flashes increased hunger and you took three home pregnancy tests and they were positive during first trimester of pregnancy?

i was the one asking this question. and i now know that its true. i asked the doctor the other day. if anyone else has any answers i would love to know.. thank you.

During times of war what were some of the ways that extreme violence was demostrated by the inhabitants of the roman empire?

They killed people randomly.

Is the hyena active at day or night?

It is active in both times of day; sleeping randomly. But it is usually found during the day.

Did anyone die during the Olympics?


Was anyone bombed during the Cold War?


What is gene segregation?

this is one of Mendel's genetic laws that states that allele pairs segregate during gamete formation and randomly unite at fertilization during the process of mitosis(anaphase)

Who were the doves and what did the stand for during the war?

"Peace brotha" (as the hippie flashes the "peace sign"...two extended fingers forming a "V"). He's a dove.

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