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The area for a four sided shape is length * width = area.

We have the area at 17. We know that length = width. We designated length and width as x. Our new equation is

x * x = 17, or x2 = 17.

Now we have to isolate x.

x = sqrt(17).

Solving for x, we get x = 4.123.

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What is 5 feet and 4 inches in meters squared?

5 feet 4 inches is a measurement of length, where meters squared is a measurement of area.

How do you covert inches into squared inches?

inches is a length in one direction; square inches is an area in two directions; you need to know the second length and shape to find square inches

Does cubic inches mean squared?

No THIS IS SQUARED - 22 THIS IS CUBED- 23 Squared means length times width, or X2. Cubed means length times width times height, or X3.

The perimeter is 45 inches and the width is 15 inches what is the length?

length=7.5 inches this is only correct if the object is a rectangle.

If the lengths of the two sides of a right triangle on either side of the 90 degree angle are 3 inches and 2 inches what is the length of the remaining side the hypotenuse?

The formula is A-squared + B-squared = C-squared where A and B are the sides and C is the hypotenuse. Given the values of A and B as 3 inches and 2 inches we can use the formula: 3-squared (9) + 2-squared (4) = 13. The length of the hypotenuse is the square root of 13 (3.6055512).

Convert 6 feet 4 inches to meters squared?

How can a length be an area?

How many squared meters is 76 inches?

That question can't have an answer. "Squared meters" is a measurement of area,but "inches" is a measurement of length. Length can't be converted to area. If itcould be, then you'd be able to figure out how many acres tall you are.

What is 50mm squared equal to in inches?

50mm squared indicates an areas while inches equals length. These are two different units that can not be compared because they measure different things.

What is the math term area mean?

in simple math terms it is the length times height of a 2 dimension object the units are squared so if the length is five in and the height is 4 inches then the area would be 20 inches^2(squared)

How many squares inches is 1200 inches?

Since the units are incompatible, we can't convert in into in². Inches measures length while inches squared measures area.

Find the length of the diagonal of a rectangle with a width measuring 6 inches and a length measuring 8 inches?

A Squared + B squared = C squared A=6, B=8, C=? 6X6=36 8X8=64 36+64=100 The square of 100 is 10 The diaganal is 10".

How do you find length with width and diagonol numbers?

Assuming you're talking about a rectangle: Diagonal squared = length squared + width squared (Pythagoras) so: Length squared = diagonal squared - width squared ie length = sqrt (diagonal squared - width squared)

What is the side length of a square if area of 109 square inches?

The square root of 109 is 10.44030651 which will be the side length of the square in inches.

How do you calculate cube feet if length and width is in inches?

Multiply the length by the width and divide by 144, which is the inch to feet ratio squared.

If the area of a rectangle is 40 square inches and the length is 6 inches more than the width what is the length and the width of the rectangle?

(6 + w) = length w = width (6 + w)(w) = 40 square inches w squared + 6w = 40 w = 4 inches and the length must be equal to 10 inches

If a cube has the surface area of 150 cubic inches then what is the length of each side?

The surface of the cube is 6 times this length squared - 6L2.

The area of a rectangle is 286 inches squared what is the length?

A = L * H so, 286 = L * H, you need a value for the heighth to solve for the length

If a tv screen is 20in wide and 15in high what is the length of its diagonal?

The diagonal dimension of a tv screen that is 20W x 15H is 25 inches. Formula is a-squared + b-squared = c-squared

A brace for a shelf has the shape of a right triangle It's hypothesis is 8 inches long and the two legs are equal in length How long are the legs of the triangle?

Pythagorean theorem: leg squared + leg squared = 8 squared 2 x length sq = 64 length = square root 32 = 5.66 inch

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