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The new Aston Villa badge was launched at the end of the 2006/07 season and features the heraldic emblem "a lion rampant", the club motto "Prepared", the abbreviated name of the club, "AVFC" and a single white star to represent their European Cup win of 1982.
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Is Aston villa bad in your opinion?

YES! Yes, they are really bad. They went seven goals down againstChelsea and all of the fans are really big headed about them beingin the top six - they only do well because of their defense!

Has there been a transfer from Birmingham to Aston Villa?

yep. it was Liam ridgewell in summer 2007. in November ridgewell scored an own goal for Birmingham against his old team and birminghams rivals, Aston villa! the final score in that was 2-1 to avfc. it was the other way you donut! villa sold agent ridgewell the BLUES, players want to go to the good ( Full Answer )

Who is Aston villas top scorer?

since the foundation it was billy walker with a load of goals (i dont know how many!) in 2006/2007 it was gabby agbonlahor. he got 10. so far 2007/2008 has been agbonlahor, but i think hes joint with john carew at the moment with 7 each.

What is the anthem for Aston Villa?

there is 2 martin O'Neils claret and blue army and we love you villa we do i know that because I'm a villa fan and i asked my daddy

How many trophies have Aston Villa won?

25 cups 1 Intertoto Cup 1 Champions Leuages 7 FA Cups 1 3rd Divsion 2 2nd Division 7 1st Division 5 League Cups 1 Super Cups 3 FA Cup Youths and the European cup so that is 26

Which Germans have played for Aston villa?

Thomas Hitzelsperger played for Villa in the Premiership around the turn of the century. he signed as a 16 year old and left a few seasons ago to play for Stuttgart.. he has a very unusual German/Brummy accent and yesterday played in the euro2008 final.

Are Aston villa good?

They are all right, they aren't having a great season this year. At the end of last season it looked like they would push for a top 4 finish this year, but that never materialized.

Who founded Aston Villa?

Aston Villa were founded by some Cricketers from the Villa Cross Weslyan Chapel Aston Birmingham

Have Aston villa won the European cup?

Yes they have in 1982. aston villa beat bayern munich 1-0 in rotterdam. peter withe scored the goal.. \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \n\n\n. \n\n\n\n

Could Aston villa win the premiership?

They need to spend a lot of money and improve there squad but cant see it happening for a good few years. . Well I think any team can win the premiership but Aston Villa do have a good chance. I mean they have the players but it's just not happening for them. I'm not a Barclay's League freak who k ( Full Answer )

Who plays for Aston Villa?

This is the current list of players signed to Aston Villa Football Club, as of 03 July, 2009. ( Squad Number , Player Name, Player Position ) 1 Brad Friedel - Goalkeeper 2 Luke Young - Defender 3 Wilfred Bouma - Defender 4 Steve Sidwell - Midefielder 7 Ashley Young - Mide ( Full Answer )

Aston Villa team list?

Aston Villa Team 2009/2010 1. Brad Friedel 2. Luke Young 3. Wilfred Bouma 4. Steve Sidwell 5. Richard Dunne 6. Stewart Downing 7. Ashley Young 8. James Milner 9. Marlon Harewood 10. John Carew 11. Gabby Agbonahor 12. Marc Albrighton 14. Nathan Delfouneso 15. Curtis Davis ( Full Answer )

What is Aston Villas song?

What 'Song' are you relating to? Name a time when it is played/sung. e.g. hi ho silverlining is played at the end of the game.

Is Ashley Young leaving Aston Villa?

It is thought to be so, as villa are signing Stewart Downing and Young might feel he is a replacement. Personly I think Ashley wont leave Aston Villa for a few seasons as he sees himself a main player to MON, and MON is stupid to sell Ashley Young.

What is Aston villa?

Aston Villa is an English Premiership football team. They are currently 12th in the league also they have recently signed Darren Bent from Sunderland AFC for a fee oh £18m but could rise to £24m because of his contract at Tottenham FC. And also a really crap team :)

What is the record signing for Aston Villa?

This number can be disputed from various sources.. In January 2007, Aston Villa signed Ashley Young from Watford for a record £9.65m fee.. Although, in August 2008, they also signed James Milner from Newcastle United for an undisclosed fee. Although this fee is believed to be in the region of ( Full Answer )

WHO IS Aston villas best player?

James Milner, Gabby Agbonlahor, Ashley Young, John Carew, James Collins, And Basically ALL Of The Villa Players Are Great!

Who was Aston Villa goalkeeper in 1997?

Australian goalkeeper Mark Bosnich played for Aston Villa between 1992 and 1999, when he joined Manchester United on a free.

Who is better Aston Villa or Tottenham Hotspur?

Tottenham Hotspur Up to and including the 0-0 draw on 6 February 2010, the all time record between the 2 teams is as follows: Tottenham Wins = 60 Villa Wins = 55 Draws = 35 The overall score for all of the games that have been played is: Tottenham Hotspur 238 Aston Villa 218

Who is the current Aston villa chairman?

The current Aston Villa chairman is Randy Lerner , who also owns the Cleveland Browns in the NFL. . He bought shares in Aston Villa in August 14,2006 and by the end of that year he had full ownership.

What time does the Aston villa shop open at villa park?

VILLA VILLAGE STORE - CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS Tuesday December 15 - 9am to 5pm Wednesday December 16 - 9am to 5pm Thursday December 17 - 9am to 6pm Friday December 18 - 9am to 5pm Saturday December 19 - Match Day - 9am to 3pm & 4.45pm to 5.30pm Sunday December 20 - 10am to 4pm Monday ( Full Answer )

Aston Villa FCshare prices?

Aston Villa FC are no longer a publicly traded company, having been acquired by the American Randy Lerner in 2006. As such, there is no current share price. The last quoted price I could find was in the region of £5.00 per share.

Who is better Manchester United or Aston Villa?

I am neither a Man u or Villa fan but overall Manchester United have won far more trophy's than Aston Villa. Also Manchester United are currently better than Aston Villa! Furthermore to add to my points above, Manchester United are probably the most famous team in English football history! To sum ev ( Full Answer )

How many English players are in Aston Villa?

Luke Young . Steve Sidwell . Stewart Downing . Ashley Young . James Milner . Gabriel Agbonlahor . Marc Albrighton . Nathan Delfouneso . Curtis Dawes . Fabian Delph . Emile Heskey . Nigel Reo-Coker . Nicky Shorey . Stephen Warnock . Isaiah Osbourne . Elliot Parish . Ciaran Clark . Na ( Full Answer )

How did Aston villa start?

A man called William McGreggor created a team in Aston, they played there first match against a rugby team and they played rugby ruled. He was the original founder of the football league. He invited : ., , http:/ ( Full Answer )

Who made most appearances for Aston Villa?

Charlie Aitken is Aston Villa's current appearance record holder. He has a total of 657 Appearances, in all competitive League and Cup matches.

Why were the Aston villa and Birmingham supporters fighting?

Not all of the supporters were fighting but the ones that were were fighting because they are nobheads. They will tell you its about representing their clubs and territories but the fact is it is because they are nobheads.

Who is more successful Everton or Aston Villa?

Aston Villa: 1 - European Cup 7 - League Titles 7 - FA Cups 5 - League Cups Everton: 9 - League Titles 5 - FA Cups So ASTON VILLA is the more successful!

Why is the lion the mascot for Aston Villa?

The Rampant Lion of Scotland has been the hallmark of the Aston Villa crest, thanks to the influence of Scottishmen William McGregor & George Ramsay.

Why is the Aston Villa motto ' Prepared '?

Somewhere around 1971-72 the Villa played Santos at Villa Park(Santos and Pele won 1-0)? Can anyone confirm this game and theactual date of the game.

When did Aston Villa last get relegated?

Aston Villa were last relegated from the Football League Division One in the 1986/1987 season. They are currently one of six original teams that have never been relegated from the Premier League.

When did Aston Villa win the Premier League?

Aston Villa have never won the so-called ' Premier League ', although they have won the top flight of football, once known as Division One on 7 separate occasions ; . 1893 - 94 . 1895 - 96 . 1896 - 97 . 1898 - 99 . 1899- 1900 . 1909 - 10 . 1980 - 81

Did Ashley cole play for Aston villa?


Is Aston villa better than chealsea?

the teams have played 136 games and have both won each other 52 times. Aston villa won the European cup first and have better records in other cups but it is very close

Where is the Aston Villa soccer club located?

Aston Villa is an English professional football club founded in March 1874. They are based in Witton, Birmingham, and their current home ground is Villa Park.

Who is the manager of Aston Villa 2015?

During 2015, Aston Villa had 3 managers. Up to February, it was Paul Lambert. From February to October, it was Tim Sherwood. From October it was Remi Garde.