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Jean-Luc Moreau

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Q: The author of the french poem chanson de l'heure qu'il est?
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Long narrative poem that portrayed chivalric ideals?

chanson de geste

When was The French Revolution - poem - created?

The French Revolution - poem - was created in 1791.

Who is the author of the poem if?

the author of the poem if is rudyard kipling

Do you underline the author of a poem?

No, you do not. "Title of Poem" by Author

What is le chanson de roland?

"La Chanson de Roland" is an epic poem written in the 12th century, using the form of French that was spoken in England at the period. It is the first of its genre, and depicts a battle between the army of Charlemagne, king of the French early 9th century, and Pays Basque (which is nowadays on either parts of the Pyrennées, the natural border between France and Spain). It is said to be the battle where Charlemagne's nephew, Roland, lost his life in the valley of Ronceveaux.

The author of the poem this too is everything is from?

The author of the poem is from. China

Who is the author of the poem not how did he die but how did he live?

I believe the author of this poem is unknown. Beautiful poem though!

Who is the author of the poem Lion?

The author of the poem Lion is Hilaire Belloc.

How do you write a French poem?

Answer it!

What is the poem A song for an April Dusk by Dorothy Parker about?

THIS poem talks about nature the author usesrepetition and traditional poem. the tone of the poem issentimentalbut in the last line the author changes the tone Oof the poem to sily and the author dont like being sentimental.

How do you write a poem in french?

You don't

If a poem is published and the author is unknown what would you call the poem?

Anonymous Poem

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