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Have you checked you bulbs, the bulb sockets, shifter linkage, the switch on the trans that send the current to the lights. Can't think of the switch name, but it'a a switch think maybe the reverse switch. check all these things. depending in the type of bulb. sometimes the end of the bulb that goes in the socket, will get warn, and won't seat like it needs to, to make a connection. if not none of these, could have a short. Just wiggle the wires and see if the light will work. If it's none of these things, and it's not a fuse, then you've got me stumped. ---- No, this is a COMMON PROBLEM on Generation 3 Caravans. The "LINKAGE" is off. It causes the "Neutral Safety" switch to not turn on the back-up lights. I changed mine, and it worked. Then, in the morning I had trouble starting the car. Shifting the car from "PARK" to "1st" and Back to "PARK" worked. My Mechanic then adjusted the "LINKAGE" for me. It always starts now, but, it will sometimes NOT Light up the Backup Lights. Moving the Shift Lever to ALMOST Neutral, makes the lights come on. At night, it's not really a problem--in Daylight it's a REAL Safety Problem! They sell a small "Stick-On" backup alarm. When the light comes on, the sensor turns on and starts beeping--a $5.99 fix. Don't hold your breath waiting for the RECALL--You'll get killed first!!!

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Q: The backup lights of your dodge caravan 1996 won't come on you have checked the owner's manual but can't find any fuse for it Need detailed steps as to how it can be fixed all othr lights are working?
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