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US Air has a direct flight daily at 11:10 in the morning non stop from Charlotte to Montego Bay Jamaica. Set you down on the island about 2:00 in the afternoon and you can be swimming in Negril by 4 in the afternoon. No problem mon!

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What is the flight distance from Charlotte NC to montego bay Jamaica?

The flight distance from Charlotte, North Carolina to Montego Bay, Jamaica is about 1,168 miles.

What is the city or town half way between greensboro nc and charlotte nc?

The halfway point between Greensboro, NC and Charlotte, NC is Salisbury, NC

Where is chocolate stallion from?

Charlotte, NC

How much does a one way train ticket from Charlotte NC to New York City cost?

The train fare from Charlotte NC to NYC, varies greatly. The best thing you can do is to go to and look up the answer yourself.

What is the halfway point between Kansas City MO and Charlotte NC?

what is the half way point betwen charlotte, nc and kansas city, mo?

What is the tallest building in Charlotte NC?

a bulding in Charlotte NC

How many miles from Charlotte NC to Montego Bay Jamaica?

Unequivocally, it is estimate of 1161 miles which is about 2hrs and 31 minute.

How long does it take to fly from Charlotte NC to Jamaica?

Two hours and 50 min.... But Jamaica is an hr behind so it takes almost 4 hrs of time tital

When will Hannah Montana have a concert in Charlotte NC?

The Best of Both Worlds Tour is coming to Charlotte,NC on Tuesday Nov. 27,2007 at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena. Start time is 7:00PM.

How far is Charlotte NC from morrisville NC?

157 miles. This is the best route:Take I-40 WEST to I-85 SOUTH.Continue on I-85 SOUTH to Charlotte.

"Is there a good Japanese restaurant in Charlotte, NC"?

"Yeah, there are a couple, but Nikko's is the best one by far." Kabuto's has the best sushi in Charlotte.

Something in NC that begins with Q?

Queens University of Charlotte is located in Charlotte, NC. Queens Road is the name of a street in Charlotte, NC.

What is the best way to get from Charlotte NC to Phoenix AZ?

Fly from Charlotte/Douglas International Airport to Phoenix SkyHarbor, there should be a flight from CLT to PHX (most likely US Airways)

Is Charlotte NC better than Shreveport LA?

YES,Charlotte NC is WAY better than Shreveport LA.Trust me,Charlotte is a very cool place to live.North Carolina is an awesome state.So if you're trying to chose where to live someday,there's no better place than Charlotte NC!!

Any auditions in Charlotte NC?

Yes. There are acting auditions in Charlotte, NC.

Are there any places in NC that begin with q?

Queens University of Charlotte is located in Charlotte, NC. Queens Road is the name of a street in Charlotte, NC.

How long does it take to drive from Charlotte NC to Hot Springs NC?

It is a distance of 165 miles from Charlotte. Will take you around 3 hours to drive from Charlotte, NC to Hot Springs, NC.

Is Greensboro NC northwest of Charlotte NC?

No - Greensboro is North EAST of Charlotte. I85 runs from Charlotte to Grensboro and runs roughly Northeast as you travel from Charlotte to Greensboro although there are stretches that are pretty much North, East, and East-Northeast along the way.

How far is Raleigh NC from Charlotte NC?

About 3 hours

What is the halfway point between Clayton NC and Charlotte NC?

On the route suggested by Google maps half way is Greensboro

What is the distance from Charlotte NC to Valdosta Ga?

What is the distance form Charlotte nc to valdosta, GA

How far is it from mt holly nc to charlotte nc?

Mt. Holly is right outside of Charlotte.

How many miles is it from Charlotte NC to Hickory NC?

The distance between Charlotte, NC and Hickory (Catawba County), NC is 45.0 miles(72.0 km).

Driving distaNCe between welcome NC and Charlotte NC?

The driving distance from Welcome, NC 27295, USA to Charlotte, NC, USA is 62.4 miles.

Driving distaNCe Charlotte NC to kitty hawk NC?

The driving distance from Charlotte, NC, USA to Kitty Hawk, NC, USA is 368.54mi / 593.1km

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