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6400 square ft 80 multiplied by 80 = 6400 square ft

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What is the area of a boxing ring?

The boxing ring is in a shape of a square. Maximum perimeter is 80ft. So 80 multiplied by 80= 6400 ft.....! hope it helped :)

What is the perimeter of a square with sides 20 feet long?

To get the perimeter you have to add all the sides in the shape. For example 20+20+20+20 because a square has 4 sides. So the answer for this most be equals to 80ft long.

How many square feet is 80ft x 50ft?

80ft x 50ft = 80 x 50 = 4,000 (square feet).

What is the square feet of 80ft by 14ft?

Multiply the two dimensions to get the area. In this case the calculation gives you 1120 square feet.

What is the square ft of a 80ft circle?

If the diameter is 80 ft then the area is 5026.54 sq ft

What is the squared footage of 14ft x 80ft?

(14 feet)(80 feet) = 1120 square feet.

How do you get perimeter of building when you know the square feet of a building?

You can't. The area doesn't tell you the dimensions or the perimeter. You absolutely must know something else besides the area. For example, if you know the area, and you also know that the building is square, then the perimeter is four times the square root of the area. But that's only an example. The main thing is: You can't figure out anything else from just the area and no other information. Here's an example: If you had a building that was 40ft x 40ft it's square feet would be 1600, but it's perimeter would be 40+40+40+40 or 160. If instead you had a building that was 20ft x 80ft it's square feet would be 1600, but it's perimeter would be 20 + 80 + 20 + 80 or 200. So see, both have the same square feet, but different perimeters.

How much is 80ft-ibs to newton meters?

80ft-lbs converts to about 108.5 newton meters.

How many square meters is 80ft?

You can't convert that. You can convert from one linear unit to another linear unit, or from one square unit to another square unit, but not between linear units and square units.

How many acres is 125ft 80ft?

One acre has 43,560 square feet. Divide the number of square feet by that and you get the number of acres. This gives you an answer of .2295 acres.

What is 8ft x 10ft converted into square meter?

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } (8ft x 10ft = 80ft2) Therefore: 80ft² = 7.4322m²

How big was a megalodon?

The biggest one grew up to about 80ft long and the smallest one grew up to about 65ft long. They are between 80ft and 79ft long, usually.

What is the biggest fish recorded?

A whale shark was recorded at 80ft long.

How big can the Megalodon grow up to?

The biggest one grew up to about 80ft long. They can grow up to 70ft between 80ft long. I read this in a book about prehistoric sharks and there was a page about the megalodon and it said that they could've grown more than 80ft, cuz only 95% of the world's ocean was explored so you don't know if their skeletons sunk to the bottom and how big they are.

What is the size of a standard movie theater?

80ft from back to front and 60ft from side to side.

How long can a peacock grow up to be?

They can grow up to 70ft between 80ft long

Suppose your family wants to fertilize the lawn that's 80ft width and 75ft lengeth if one bag of fertilizer covers 2500 square feet how many bags shound you buy?

2 bags covers 5,000 square feet so you'll need 3 bags with enough fertilizer left over to cover 1,500 square feet.

How many acres is 160ft x 80ft?

160' X 80' is, 29.384% of one acre.

How many 8in tiles needed for a 80ft room?

Answer depends on the dimensions of the room. assuming that both the tiles and the rooms are squares, number of tiles = area of room/area of one tile =(80ft)^2/(8in)^2 =((80*12inch)/8in)^2 =14400

How far do you travel to get a drink of water?

Well I travel to the water pitcher in my house, so its about 60-80ft

How is the biggest megladon shark?

The biggest meglodon was about 85ft long. The average is between 80ft to 75ft big

What is the proper lug nut torque 2011 Honda CR-V?

It is 80ft/lb. That is straight out of my manual. Table of contents look under "wheel,nut". This will take you to the section on changing a flat tire. It goes through the procedure then tells you to torque to 80ft/lb.

How much fence is needed to go around a 40 foot by 45 foot garden?

The perimeter of a rectangle is 2*A + 2*B. What does 80ft + 90ft equal? By the way, don't forget to subtract 3 feet for the gate, the textbook always forgets that somebody needs to be able to get into the garden to pull weeds and pick the veggies.

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