Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

The cheat of run anywhere Pokemon diamond?

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Missingo in Pokemon Diamond?

If you have no Pokemon, and you (using the Action Replay) have the walk/run anywhere cheat, when you battle, you will sometimes send out the Pokemon Missingno.

Run anywhere cheat of Pokemon diamond?

There is a problem with that code the player starts running into the black and runs automatically

What is a cheat to walk through walls on Pokemon platinum?

the cheat is walk anywhere or run anywhere

What legendary Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon diamond?

dialga, giratina, uxie, azelf, mespirit, heatran, and creselia without cheat codes and with the run anywhere cheat code you can get darkrai and shaymin

Action replay code for Pokemon diamond on how do get Darkrai with cheat codes?

use the run anywhere code and run to new moon island where darkri will be waiting

Is there action replay run anywhere Pokemon diamond?


What is the action replay code to run anywhere in Pokemon diamond?


Action replay run through anything cheat or glitch uses?

what is the action replay cheat on Pokemon diamond for run through anything

What is the code for run anywhere in Pokemon diamond?

I dont know that one you can look at the cheats

Can you get a mewto in Pokemon Diamond?

if your question is a normal game, no. but if there is an action replay. you can get him..... all the pokemon!. it is a cheat device that allows you to get 999 rare candys, get all the pokemon, 999 full restore, run anywhere, and many more codes as you can find.

Go throw a tree to get darkeri in Pokemon pearil?

no run right of fullmoon island with run anywhere cheat on an action replay

I know there is a cheat for Pokemon diamond on the action replay to let you run anywhere but is it a code or already built in?

Yes, it is built in. But be careful with it because if you go too far in the mystery zone, the game will freeze.

What does an actoin replay does?

it has codes that are already in so you can cheat in ds games for example for Pokemon pearl & diamond you have a cheat that you can walk or run any where you want.

What is the cheat on action replay for to run through walls on pokemon diamond?

well the code isn't on the internet stupid.

If you battle UxieMesprit or Azelf in Pokemon diamond and then run away they disappear where do they go?

they run away into the wild so u can find them anywhere they run away into the wild so u can find them anywhere

What do you press to use run anywhere on diamond Pokemon pearl?

You press the B button when you get the running shoes from your mom.

What are the Pokemon Diamond r4 cheats?

Here are the Pokemon diamond R4 cheats. Cheat 1. Get high Exp to level Pokemon (Hold R button after battle) Cheat 2. Run/walk through walls. Cheat 3. x999 items (press L+R button) Cheat 4. 999 master ball Cheat 5 999 rare candy cheat 6 press R and L to get 300 of any Pokemon

What is the run anywhere code for Pokemon diamond?

i had to buy an action pack replay ds to get it, but it might make your game glitch

How do you use run anywhere cheat on Pokemon pearl using a DSTT?

press select and activate cheats then select walk anywhere cheat. when your in the game press r+b to activate l+b to deactivate hope that helps

How do you get the cheat run through walls in Pokemon Pearl?

heres the code Run Anywhere b21c5a08 00000000 da000000 0000210c d3000000 00000000 d7000000 023fcc00 d2000000 00000000

Do you need cheats to new moon island in Pokemon diamond?

No. If you have a Pokemon event, you can get in the locked house and go there. But if you get an action replay, you can go to full moon island, use the run through walls cheat, run right, and you get there.

What does the run anywhere cheat do?

Lets u go out of the map or do watever. I used it when I was doin the elite on diamond cus I screwed it up and I just went straight to Cynthia.

How do you hatch a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You run or bike around.

Is there an action replay code for getting a Pokemon Ranch mew in Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum?

There is plenty of ways to get a mew in d/p/p. But there is not a event. So you you would need to use either a "Pokemon modifier cheat" or a "run into this Pokemon cheat" which are both on the AR database, or if there not there (which is unlikely) search "Pokemon modifier cheat diamond pearl" on Google, and I guarantee you'll find it. (instead of asking further questions use Google, Google is your best friend)

If you beat the Sinnoh league 47 times does oak give you a letter from an event on Pokemon diamond?

no he doesn't give you a letter you had to have gone to the 2007 Pokemon event or have run through walls cheat.