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The check engine light is not related to the oil or the Transmission Fluid systems. It is related to fuel control, computer, emmissions control systems. The faint ticking you hear may just be the normal noise coming from the fuel injectors. All fuel injectors make some kind of ticking noise while they operate. I would say, if the check engine light has anything to do with the services performed, it would almost have to be a simple connector that may have been unplugged to move a wire out of the way, and then forgotten. Otherwise, I believe it would have to be a coincidence. Even if the ticking noise is a lifter in te engine, that still would not cause a check engine, and would not be the fault of someone changing the oil, as long as the oil is full.

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Q: The check engine light is on in your 1998 Ford Explorer there is a faint ticking and noise coming from the engine what is it The oil and transmission fluid was just changed before the light came on?
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Can the transmission fail if you changed the fluid that has never been change before?

It is unlikely that the transmission would fail after a fluid change. The transmission filter should be changed at the same time. If it was not changed at the same time it could have caused the issue.

Why does transmission hesitate before engaging into drive on a 1996 ford explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0?

Its either in need of transmission fluid a fluid change or the bands are strechted

Why is there transmission fluid in coolant tank on a 1994 Cadillac Seville?

your radiator has internally failed. it needs to be changed immediatly before irreversible damage is done to the transmission. flush your transmission and coolant several times.

How many miles before you have transmission serviced on your 2005 Honda Accord?

As Honda has had some problems with this transmission I recommend you have the fluid/filter changed every 50,000 miles.

Why won't your 93 EB Explorer crank after you changed the fuel pump and all connections are good?

If it cranked before you changed the fuel pump, you accidently disconnected a wire somewhere. Start hunting.

Why wont car go in to gear after changing transmission fluid?

If the transmission would not go into gear before changing the transmission fluid, then the fluid change was for naught. Hopefully you changed the filter in there, too. If the tranny was busted before the oil change, then simply changing the oil is not going to fix the problem.

Will transmission 02 sensor do with dirty fluid?

Your transmission doesn't have an 02 sensor. The o2 sensor monitors engine exhaust to control engine performance. But, dirty transmission fluid is a problem and should be changed before it cause a major and very expensive transmission failure.

Your 1994 grand voyager has to be in drive for about 15 min before it will go in gear is it the strainer or a sensor when i changed the strainer once before i took the cover off and the strainer?

Have the transmission filter changed and have a complete fluid change. Not just what is in the pan, but all the fluid. (Warning) Make sure to use the correct Mopar Transmission fluid.

Can you crack the transmission pan before damaging the transmission itself?

Yes, you can crack the transmission pan before damaging the transmission.

How do you know when transmission is failing on a Toyota Camry 2002?

It's not an easy question. The most obvious hints are grinding noise coming from transmission, car will drive, transmission will not shift to some particular gear or some of them. But before blaming transmission make sure that you have changed the transmission fluid and the fluid level is correct.

Why does your 1998 Ford Explorer have to start in 2 gear and get up to 15 miles per hour before you can put it in drive?

Check transmission fluid level Try changing fluid and filter (if any) May need transmission rebuild

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It is a common failure in this vehicle. In my case the mechanic changed the disc and gasket kit, charged $400 but the failure is still there. Another mechanics told me that there are two possible causes: the pressure regulator or the solenoid valve . The pressure can be read in the scanner. the solenoid valve needs to be changed all the valves set with a cost about $200. Try with this first.

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Transmission slips when car is hot on a 2000 impala?

I had the same problem, I changed the fluid. The new fluid did slow down the slipping, I would get further distances before the transmission begin to slip but ultimately my transmission was wearing out and eventually needed replacing. The car was worth 1600$ while the transmission cost 2300$ I Didn't fix the transmission and traded it to the dealer for another car.

Why is your 2000 Chevy Impala ticking before you crank?

your fuel pump is in your tank. its electric that's probably what you hear

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Why would a Ford Taurus have to warm up for thirty minutes or more before it will go into drive?

I would suspect a clogged transmission filter. Have the transmission fluid changed and the filter replaced. See where you stand after this service. Do not have the transmission flushed. But also make sure they change all the fluid and not just what is in the pan.