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The cheese used to make sakinaki?

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Kasseri, a Greek cheese.

2007-09-12 02:32:35
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Q: The cheese used to make sakinaki?
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Can whey be used to make bread after making cheese?

no It can not be used after making cheese

Can vinegar be used to make cheese?

Yes, vinegar can be used to make cheese. There is a recipe called Vinegar Cheese and it requires milk and white vinegar.

What is the Italian soft cheese that is used to make tiramisu?

Mascarpone cheese

Who eats macaroni and cheese?

i think that all sorts of cheese can be used to make macaroni cheese

What cheese is best to use for grilled cheese sandwiches?

American cheese is the most common cheese used to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

What cheese is used to make baileys cheesecake?

Cheesecakes are made with cream cheese.

Is there bacterial in unspoiled cheese?

Of course there are.Bacteria also used to make cheese.

What is used to turn milk into cheese?

Depends on what cheese are you referring to. Generally, though, milk is separated into curds and whey, the curds being used to make cheese. Salt, bacterial culture and rennin are added to make cheese.

Which Type Of Microbe Is Used To Make Cheese?

The type of microbe used to make cheese is yeast. yeast is used in cheese because it helps mould the cheese, thus giving it an altogether better taste. It also makes some cheeses smell revolting, like blue cheese for instance.

What microbes are used to make cheese?


What enzyme is used to make cheese?


What kind of cheese do you need to make saganaki?

The most common type of cheese used to make Saganaki is Kasseri.

What milk can make cheese?

Either Class I milk or milk of manufacturing grade may be used to make cheese

What is used to make cheese?

Milk will be handy for cheese and also some flour but im not fully sure how to make it.

What animal milk is used to make authentic Italian mozzarella cheese?

The Water Buffalo's milk is used to make authentic Italian Mozzarella cheese.

What types of milk do they use for cheese?

Any type of milk can be used to make cheese.

What is the function of ricotta cheese in cheese cake?

it is used to make cake cheesy and soft

What can iI make with cream cheese?

You can make cheese cake. You can also make cheese spreads to put on crackers. A lot of desserts call for cream cheese as well. It is also used to stuff appetizers too such as jalapenos.

How is bacteria used in food?

Bacteria has been used to make cheese.

What animals milk makes cheddar cheese?

Cows milk is used to make Cheddar cheese.

Can breast milk be used to make cheese?


What bacteria is used to make gouda cheese?


What plants are used to make a Whopper with cheese?


How is yeast used to make cheese?

Yeast lol )

What type of cheese is on macaroni and cheese?

A lot of different types of cheese are used to make macaroni and cheese, but the most common one, and one that is most packaged is cheddar cheese.