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The cowboys moved to Dallas from where?

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The Cowboys have always played in Dallas since their first year as an NFL expansion team in 1960. The Dallas Texans of the American Football League also began playing in 1960, but eventually moved to Kansas City, Missouri and were renamed the Chiefs.

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Have the Dallas Cowboys always been the Dallas Cowboys?

There have been two professional football teams that started in Dallas in the last 50 or so years. The Dallas Texans, an AFL franchise that moved to Kansas City and became the Kansas City Chiefs. The other team was the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were an expansion team in 1960 for the NFL.

Who had better attendance figures in Dallas in the early 60S's the Texans or the Cowboys?

The primary reason the Dallas Texans of the AFL moved to Kansas City in 1963 was its inability to keep pace with the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL.

What stadium did the Dallas Cowboys play in from 1960-1970?

AnswerThe Dallas Cowboys played their home games during that time in the Cotton Bowl. They moved to Texas Stadium for the 1971 season.

When did old cowboy stadium close?

The Dallas Cowboys' final game at Texas Stadium in Irving was on December 20, 2008. The next year, Dallas moved into Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

When and where were the Dallas Cowboys created?

The Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960. They were known as the Dallas Cowboys.

When were the Dallas Cowboys established?

The Dallas Cowboys were established in 1960.

Where do you write Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys mailing address is: Dallas Cowboys Cowboys Center One Cowboys Parkway Irving, Texas 75063 The Dallas Cowboys contact page is here: dallascowboys.com/content/contact-us

When was last time the Dallas Cowboys played in Irving Texas?

The Dallas Cowboys' final game at Texas Stadium in Irving was on December 20, 2008. The Cowboys gave up two long touchdown runs in the fourth quarter, as the Baltimore Ravens defeated them, 33-24. The next year, Dallas moved into Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Are the cowboys a baseball team?

Dallas CowboysNo. The Cowboys are a football team that plays in Dallas for the NFL.

Who is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?

Tony Romo is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

NFL team with the most fans?

The Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys.

What is that Dallas Cowboys schedule?

The Dallas Cowboys schedule is linked below.

Did the Dallas Cowboys have another name?

No. They were called the Dallas Cowboys from 1960.

Were the Dallas Texans and the Dallas cowboys in the same city at the same time?

Yes, for three season. If I remember correctly, the Texans moved to Kansas City in 1963.

Contact info for Dallas Cowboys?

The address is: Dallas Cowboys One Cowboys Parkway Cowboys Center Irving, TX 7503.

Where can you find Dallas Cowboys coloring sheets?

You can find Dallas Cowboys coloring sheets on Dallas Cowboys.com

How long have the Dallas Cowboys been in Dallas?

The Cowboys have been in Dallas since they joined the NFL in 1960.

Who owns the Dallas Cowboys?

Jerry Jones is the owner and GM of the Dallas Cowboys.

What year were the Dallas Cowboys founded?

The Dallas Cowboys were founded back in 1960.

What is the team nickname for the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys are known as "America's Team".

When was Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders created?

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders was created in 1960.

Who was dallas cowboys qyarterback in the ninties?

Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks in 1990-2000

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