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If it's a cracked head, the engine will need a new head. If it's a cracked block, you'll need a new engine. But it would be a good idea to take it to a reputable mechanic for a second opinion. Don't tell them what you think is wrong, just ask why it's leaking. Remember that when a dealership mechanic gets to have a good reputation, he'll often start his own shop. The best ones leave the dealership. The dealership is not necessarily the best place to take your vehicle.

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2006-04-18 11:16:31
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Q: The dealer says you have a cracked head or block antifreeze is leaking from behind the water pump any help?
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You were told you have a cracked radiator but you are not having any problems with your car you drive a 98 Toyota Camry What should you do?

You should replace it the radiator to play it safe because theres a good chance that it may be leaking or will leaking but check with your dealer or autoshop.

What antifreeze do you use in a Porsche Boxter?

Use Porsche antifreeze. Get it from the dealer or online.

How do you stop oil from leaking at oil filter on 2004 Saturn ion?

Either the cap is cracked, which you will need a new one from the dealer. Or you forgot the o ring when installing the new filter

2000 Pontiac sunfire the coolant is leaking It leaks from the passanger side and appears to look like it is coming a bit behind the rad where could it be coming from?

If the Coolent is leaking I strongley suggest you take the car to the dealer or a dealer to get it fixed because if it leaks more it can cause trouble.

How do you replace the bulb behind a fiat punto console?

go to the dealer i just cracked mine when trying to it never seen anything put together so shoddilly

What is the best antifreeze to use for s60 Volvo?

the one from the dealer

What antifreeze do you put in 2002 fordfovus zx3?

Check with ford dealer or you can buy antifreeze that mixes w/ any types of antifreeze - but check first or you can cause problems

What type of antifreeze goes into a 1998 dodge durango?

, the mopar part # for the correct antifreeze is 4267020ab. But any green antifreeze will work. Service tech. Dodge dealer

I have a 2001 L200 Saturn that is leaking radiator fluid right at the connectors on the firewall in the engine compartment What is needed to fix these?

your heater core is probably made of plastic and has finally cracked like they all do. See the dealer or a professional like myself.

If your screen has cracked on your phone can you get it fixed?

Yes, is a person has a cracked phone screen they can get it fixed. Usually, they have to take it to a dealer, or buy the parts from a store.

What type antifreeze for Mazda RX8?

I have used in my 2004mazda half and half. That's what the dealer reccomends.

Why is water leaking on passenger floorboard of 2003 dodge Dakota?

Have you used your air conditioning lately? The most common reason for water to appear to be leaking on the passenger floorboard is that the condensation drain for the air conditioning is plugged. Unfortunately, the drain is pretty much inaccessible to the average person and I have yet to discover a reasonable method of clearing it other than paying the dealer or a mechanic to do it. The other, less common causes for that type of leak is that the heater core is leaking, in which case the fluid will be antifreeze rather than water, or the door seal on the passenger door may be leaking, or the windshield gasket may be leaking.

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