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The difference from home plate to the foul posts on each field vary. Some fences are farther away, some fences are higher. In some cases, the fences in right field are much closer than the fence in left, or vice versa. It all depends on the specific field you are playing on.

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How far is home plate from the pithing mound for little league?

Depends on what age your talking about. On many league websites they usually post the rules of there games, including the distance that the pitcher pitches.

What are the rule's for softball?

There are many rules in softball but there are different leagues. Post a question more specific about what type of league and you may receive better answers.

Distance from one goal post to the other goal post?

18 feet.

Who left a pewter plate nailed to a post?

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What is the distance from one goal post to the other goal post for college?

120 yards.

What is the distance horizontally from one goal post to the other goal post for Soccer?

8 yards

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The wiper arm has either a nut under a cover at the transmission post or a sliding plate . The nut is self explanatory, the sliding plate you will stand the arm up to releive the pressure and slide the plate from under the post.

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On a Plate fassened to the driver's side door post. Open the driver's door, look on the frame and post junction, the plate will be 6 to 8 inches up form floor.

What is the distance between the goalposts in AFL?

Goal posts are set at a distance of 6.4 metres apart. Each goal post has a behind post a further 6.4 metres away.

What is the distance from the Goal Post at one end of the field to the Goal Post at the other end and when did it become that?

Too far!

The distance from goal post to goal post on a football field is 120 yards. How many feet is that?

360 feet.

What is the distance between the two uprights of a goal post?

110 yards.

What is the simple machine that is an inclined plane wrapped around a center post?


What is the distance between each Australian football goal post?

6.4 Metres.

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What is the distance from one goal post to the other goal post for high school?

120 yards from one end of the field to the other The distance between goal posts in high school ball is 23 feet 6 inches.

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