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because they have some kind of oil inside them that helps them not stick because they have some kind of oil inside them that helps them not stick

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Do female spiders make neat webs and male spiders make messy webs?

no, they both make the same

Are female spiders bigger than male spiders?

Yes and most female spiders are much stronger and smarter than male spiders.

Is a male spider bigger then a female spider?

No. In most cases, female spiders are bigger than male spiders.

Do female spiders eat the male spider?

Some species of female spiders do eat the male spiders after mating. Since spiders are intraguild predators, meaning that they eat each other, female spiders eat male spiders of the same and other species as food all the time.

Are male spiders lighter in colour compared to a female spider?

Not usually. Markings can differ between male and female spiders of the same species, however male spiders are not usually lighter in color. They are typically smaller than female spiders though.

Do female redback spiders eat male redback spiders?

Famale do not eat male after mating.

How do you tell spiders apart female male?

because the female is bigger than the male!!!

How can you tell the male from the female eagle?

You have to look at their tail feathers, if its a male the feathers will be messy if its a female the feathers will be smooth

Is it true that only female spiders can spin webs?

Different species vary - some spiders don't spin webs.. but it is not true that only female spiders spin webs - both male and female do - otherwise how would the male spiders catch their food?

Who is a larger spider male or female?

With spiders in trees, the female is larger. With spiders on the ground, males and females are about the same size or, with a few exceptions, the male is larger.

How are spiders made?

Male and female spiders mate, then the female spider lays her eggs in a safe place where they will eventually hatch out into tiny baby spiders.

Why do female spiders eat male spiders?

Female spiders are hungry. Their bodies need nourishment to support the eggs mating produces. The male spider would not be a help to his children any other way.

How do male and female ladybugs attract?

they attract spiders

What type of female spider eats its male?

Black Window spiders and Bird Eating Spiders usually eat the male.

How do you know if a spider is male or female?

The female spider is much larger in most spiders, such as the bird dropping spider, in which the female is 12mm and the male is 2.5mm. But if you are not sure then try this website

how do sea spiders breed?

the female eats the male and then breeds

Do female black widow spiders eat the male?


Are female spiders more dangerous than the male?

yes but there are exceptions like the funnel web spiders in Australia , in that case the male is 5 times more dangerous than the female

Do both male and female spiders build spider webs?

Both male and female spiders produce silk and can build spider webs in most cases. However, not all spiders build webs, the Wolf spider for example, does not.

Why do spiders eat their husbands?

Female spiders may eat their mates because smaller male spiders are more likely to be prey. Larger female spiders will eat their mates because they are simply hungry.

Why do spiders eat other spiders?

Because if the female doesn't eat the male, then all the babies will die.

Are spiders asexual?

Spiders are not asexual but sexual creatures. They reproduce sexually via internal fertilization. Male spiders spin a sperm web before mating with female spiders.

Who female kills male after copulation?

spiders, scorpions and some other insects

Why do female spiders kill male spiders?

Female spiders have food on their minds almost all the time. They having mating as an objective part of the time. When they have mating on their minds that does not stop them from wanting to eat. Male spiders have several ways of identifying themselves as being of the same species as the female, so that she will let them approach to mate with her. Then most of them have their own ways of keeping the female from eating them as or after they mate. Some male spiders sacrifice themselves. Some female spiders sacrifice themselves to their babies after the babies hatch.Eating the male spider after mating gives the male spider's genes a better chance of survival. So, evolutionarily speaking, it is an advantage to the male to have his progeny get a good start in life. The same is true of the female. Spiders species often live for only once season anyway, so it may be unlikely that either males or females of some species will get a second chance at reproducing.So female spiders eat male spiders because they are hungry, but also perhaps because evolution has not found it expedient in some cases to give the males a good way out. In other cases, however, the males almost always are not eaten. Some female spiders even tolerate males to continue living with them.

How do you make a male rabbit lick a female rabbit?

you can't make a male lick the female unless the male likes the female.

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