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I think they may be talking about religion.

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Q: The founders wanted to make sure the United States did not have an official what?
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Which country wanted to protect the free countries of Latin America?

This is a tricky question. Most official sources will say the United States tried to do that; in reality, the Monroe doctrine's goals were to keep Latin America for the United States to exploit.

The united states wanted the lousiana territory in order to?

The United States wanted the Louisiana territory in order to expand its territory

Why did the founders make the articles of confederation so weak?

The founders made the articles of confederation weak because they feared the abuse of power and wanted to protect the power of the states .

Why didnt the united United states participate in the league of nations?

they wanted to stay neutral

The queen of America?

The United States doesn't have kings or queens because after fighting the British King Charles the founders of the United States wanted to make sure there wasn't a repeat of the power located in one person called a king or queen. They wanted to make sure that the government was shared power. George Washington ,in his first term , reinforced this by having people call him " Mr. President" and not having the symbols of kingly power displayed.

Which belief was held by the delegates to the constitutional convention of 1787?

The majority of the Founders were Federalists who believed in a strong national government. Many of these people also wanted a firm Bill of Rights that would outline all the rights of a United States citizen.

What are 3 major reasons Texas wanted to join the US?

They wanted to receive money and funds from the United States.

Who wanted the united states constitution?

The Federalists

Was the constitution written after the Revolutionary War?

Yes it was, after the united states won the war they wanted to make it official and document it so that the tyrannical form of government that they experienced never happened again.

What was the goal for the union and confederate army?

the goal for the union and confederate army was the south wanted to break away from the rest of the united states so the war was because the south wanted to stay an independent country and the northern states wanted the south to rejoin the united states.

What did the founding fathers want from the executive branch?

The founding fathers wanted the executive branch of government to make all laws official throughout the United States. They wanted to ensure that the various branches did their part to keep the country operating in a cohesive manner.

Why did Einstein urge the president to authorize the Manhattan project?

He wanted the United States to develop an atomic bomb before the Germans did.

The civil war union want to preserve the union or destroy the confederacy?

Both. The Union wanted to preserve the country as a whole; they did not want the United States to split up. The Confederacy, however, wanted to separate from the United States, therefore, splitting up the country. So the Union wanted to destroy the confederacy to preserve the United States.

Who wanted to take land from Mexico?

The United States.

How did Great Britain and Germany differ in their preferences regarding the role of the US in World War 1?

Germany wanted to keep the United States out of the war, while Great Britain wanted the United States to join it.

Why did the founders wanted to form a union?


How did the founders put of right in the Constitution?

He wanted to

Why did the united States support South Vietnam rather than North Vietnam after the French left?

The United States wanted to prevent communism from spreading.

What was the confedracy?

the confedracy was apart of the united states that wanted slaves

Who wanted a strong central government for the united States?


Who wanted strong central government for the United states?


How did the US states get their shapes?

because the united state government wanted them that way.

Original United States circumstances of Acquisition?

they wanted freedom, the American revolution

Why was the north called the union?

Because the south wanted to secede from the United States

Why did the United states develop the reservation system for native Americans?

The United States wanted to isolate Native Americans from whites in Western territories.