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False, the founding fathers provided for an unseen future they could not predict by allowing the constitution to be amended in specific circumstances.

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Q: The founding fathers did not want the constitution to be amended?
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Why did the Founding Fathers not include political parties in the Constitution?

they didn't want too because one of the founding fathers thought they should make two different ideas seprate.

Whom did the founding fathers believe should run the country?

the founding fathers started the constitution with "We the people..." for a reason. this was to remind us that the people chose who they want to run the country. so your answer would probably be, "WHOEVER THE PEOPLE CHOOSE"

Why has the constitution had enough flexibility to meet the challenges of the future?

The constitution can be amended. It can be changed to reflect more modern views. The constitution is amendable because the founding fathers did not want the country to be ruled by the dead hand of history. Originally, only white male landowners could vote. This was changed by several amendments so now all citizens can vote. This is why the constitution is said to be flexible.

Why did your founding fathers create a limited government?

Founding Fathers created a limited Government because they did not want the rest of the world to influence the power that they have' and they did not want the common people to rebel against them.

Why were the civil liberties important to the founding fathers?

The founding fathers of the USA believed that individuals were born free, and that freedom was a gift from God. They did not want a overly strong central government to have the ability to negate the civil liberties of its citizens. With that said, the US republic was so devised and was ruled by a fair central government as described in its founding document, the US Constitution.

What kind of government did the founding fathers want?

A stable one.

What can be inferred about the process of amending the Constitution?

The farmers of the Constitution did not want it to be amended without careful thought

How did the founding fathers define freedom of expression?

The founding fathers defined freedom of expressions as white people can say anything they want but people of other skin color cannot.

What did the founding fathers want for all citizens?

Life, liberty, and happiness.

Why did the founding fathers want a flag in the US?

Every country has a flag.

What problems did the founding fathers have in drafting the constitution?

I might be wrong but, I think that it was because people were forced to serve in the war based on there birthday. That lead people in the war not to want to really fight.

Why did benjermin want delegates to put aside their misgivings?

Benjamin Franklin acknowledged that the Constitution was not perfect, however, he believed it was better than are likely alternative. Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of America.

Why did some of your founding fathers want the congress to choose the president?


What did the founding fathers want to protect above all things?

The founding fathers wanted to protect, above all things, the unalienable rights which all men possessed: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Was it important to the Founding Fathers to justify their actions by evoking traditional English rights?

Yes, it was important to the Founding Fathers to justify their actions by evoking traditional English rights. As English colonists, they felt they were deprived of these rights when Parliament passed laws without representation from the colonies. The Founding Fathers also did not want to provoke a radical reconstruction.

Why did the nations founding fathers want the US to have a free enterprise economic system?

They did not want the government to become too powerful.

Why did the founding fathers separate the powers of the federal government?

The founding fathers did not want to create a tyrannical government, and they hoped that by separating the powers of the government into three branches, each branch would help to keep the other two branches honest.

Why did people want state governments to be stronger than the national governments?

The people wanted the state governments to be stronger than the national governments because they had just escaped the rule of the British where there was a strong central government. But a weak national government didn't work out so, our founding fathers wrote the Constitution which we now live under today. I'm going to go further with this definition and tell you that Our founding fathers wanted a flexible Constitution that could easily change with the growing country.

Why did the Founding Fathers think the electoral college was important?

Because they didn't want morons running the country.

Why did the founding fathers want an electroal college to elect the president?

They did not trust the general public to vote wisely.

What did the founding fathers want an electoral college to elect the president?

they did not trust the general public to vote wisely.

Why were the Founding Fathers so frightened of a strong federal government?

Because they did not want to repeat the mistakes of the British.

Why is the capitol building the tallest in DC?

The founding fathers did not want the capital building to be overshadow by another building .

Why did our founding fathers use a representative government?

They didn't want a king, but to have a government where people decide who is to represent them.

Why did the founding fathers want to make sure that the government was limited?

To prevent a king or dictatorship from running the government.