Best Answer Could be moisture in the lines from old gas or the gas began to break down, depends on how old gas is if thiers moisture in there now try product called dry gas it bonds to water and carries it through engine with fuel to be burn or expelled

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Q: The gas you put in your car had been sitting for awhile and now the car refuses to start?
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What causes an ATV to stall out when riding?

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Need to know the year, make and model and how long it has been sitting to help you with that one.

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Take the battery to an auto parts store and have it load tested. If it checks ok, then clean and take a close look at all connections. If it still will not start, suspect the starter or starter relay. cheaper yet, give the starter a solid whack a couple times and then try and start it, sometimes they "set up" after sitting awhile.

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How do you start a car that has been sitting for a long time?

Fresh fully charged battery and fresh gasoline

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i dont get it?

What do you need to check if a car won't start after it has been parked for several months?

The first thing you want to check is your battery state of charge. If your car has been sitting that long, I can almost guarantee that your battery is dead. If it's been sitting that long, your best bet is to replace the battery.

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are you saying vehicle will not start when hot? if so, i would get battery checked if battery is old, it loses cranking amps and will not supply enough to start a hot engine

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