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Entry of food into the stomach and distension of the stomach

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Q: The gastric phase of gastric secretion is triggered by the?
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What are the three phases of gastric secretion?

The Cephalic phase, the Gastric phase, and the Intestinal phase.

There are three phases of gastric secretion The cephalic phase occurs?

Before food enters the stomach and is triggered by aroma, sight, or thought.

What is cephalic phase of digestion?

it is triggered by the smell, taste, sight, or thought of food. parasympathetic impulses trigger gastric juice secretion.

Which of the following is not a phase of gastric secretion?


What triggers the gastric phase of gastric secretion?

entry of food into the stomach

What phase of the gastric secretion is chyme moved into the duodenum?

intestinal phase

What is the intestinal phase?

control of gastroc secretion is divided to cephalic phase, gastric phase and intestinal phase. Among these, intestinal phase means gastric secretion in stomach as a result of stimulation in intestine by food. when the food reaches the intestine it secrete gastrin and the hormone transports to stomach by circulation. amount of secretion in intestinal phase is smaller and slower than that of cephalic and gastric phase. by the way if substance like acid, lipid or any high osmotic solution entered intestine, duodenum, gastric secretion decreases this time. This is because of enterogastrone released from duodenum. there are also other hormones such as cholecystokinin and gastric inhibitory peptide. they inhibit the secretion in stomach.

What is an example of a gastric secretion?

HCl (gastric acid), pepsinogen

An example of a gastric secretion is?

HCl (gastric acid), pepsinogen.

Secretion of stomach?

Gastric Acid

Of cephalic phase or celiac phase or plateau phase or intestinal phase or gastric phase which is not a phase of gastric regulation?

s phase

Select the correct statement about the regulation of gastric secretion?

ANSWER IS: Gastric secretion can be stimulated before food has entered the mouth.A.Gastric secretion can be stimulated before food has entered the mouth.B.Gastric secretion is enhanced by very low pH (below a pH of 2)C.The presence of food in the stomach prevents hormonal control of gastric secretion.D.Vagus stimulation of the stomach results in decreased secretion of gastric juice.

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