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The planet(s) through solar radiation and the retention of a small portion of this heat through atmospheric gases.

The greenhouse effect is caused by the warming of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, mostly water vapor and carbon dioxide. This is a natural effect that has gone on for millions of years.

The enhanced greenhouse effect, what we are experiencing now, is caused by the warming of the extra greenhouse gases that man is adding to the atmosphere, largely by burning fossil fuels, and by deforestation.

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Q: The greenhouse effect is caused by the warming of?
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What effect is global warming caused by?

Global warming is caused by the enhanced greenhouse effect.

Does the greenhouse effect only effect the Venus?

No. That's what global warming is caused by.

Is Global warming due to the greenhouse effect or ozone depletion?

Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. To some extent, ozone depletion is the result of global warming.

What environmental issue is related to the greenhouse effect?

Global Warming... Global Warming is caused by Carbon Dioxide being trapped in the Earth's atmosphere. AKA the greenhouse effect.

What type of global warming is it?

The dangerous type caused by the enhanced greenhouse effect.

What heat is caused by the greenhouse effect?

Global warming in the atmosphere is the heat caused by the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases produced by industrial factories are the main causes of greenhouse effects.

What effect is warming the atmosphere?

The Greenhouse Effect.

What is the The warming of earth caused by atmosphere trapping thermal energy from the sun called?

greenhouse effect

Is the greenhouse effect the warming of the earth?

The normal greenhouse effect keeps the earth warm enough for life. The accelerated greenhouse effect is the cause of global warming.

What is the difference between the greenhouse effect and global warming?

The greenhouse effect is the way the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hold in the sun's heat and keep the earth warm. The earth's carbon cycle has been keeping this balanced for millions of years.The enhanced greenhouse effect (or accelerated greenhouse effect) is the warming effect caused by all the extragreenhouse gases put into the atmosphere in the past 200 years by burning fossil fuels. This carbon had been safely stored underground for millions of years.Global warming is the warming of the earth because of this enhanced greenhouse effect.

Does global warming and holes in the ozone layer share the same effect?

Yes they do share the same effect. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases block the temperature to troposphere. Thus heat cannot escape to Stratosphere.No

Why is water vapor not considered to be a greenhouse gas?

Water vapour is not considered to be one of the human-caused greenhouse gases contributing to global warming (through the enhanced greenhouse effect). But it IS a greenhouse gas contributing to the normal warming of the earth through the natural greenhouse effect. It does this through the earth's water cycle.

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