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He is probably just flirting with you or he wants to date you while dating your best friend. Your choice.

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What do you do when the guy you like flirts with you but is dating your best friend?

Look at it the other way around. If he was with you but flirting with your friend. You should probably tell your friend.

Should you go out with a friend if he flirts all the time?

It depends on how you feel about him. If you like that he flirts all the time. But if he flirts with others even while you guys are dating, you probably wouldn't want him to be your boyfriend.

Best guy friend who your in love with is dating my ex best friend and I hate her 4 it But the boy is a natural flirt but the thing is he flirts with u more than other girls He still have feelings 4 u?

some guys r jus natural flirts & they don't even no theyre doin it! Dont read 2 much n 2 it... be civil 2 his gf, but dont b her bff either! & if it bothers u 2 much then confront him about it , but b very careful how u do it bc it could ruin the friendship...

What do you do if your boyfriend flirts with your best friend?

you should dump him because he's suppost to be comitted to you only and if your friend flirts back you shouldn't be her friend because that's not a true friend

Does a guy like you if he flirts with you?

Depends. Are you dating other guys, and is he dating other girls? If you are'nt and he is, maybe he just wants one thing. Maybe not though. Ask a female friend of his, not a male.

What does it mean when your boyfriends friend flirts with you?

It means he flirts. It may be innocent, but probably isn't.

If the guy you love flirts with you all the time and he used to almost love you a couple months ago and he dating you ex bff He HATES it when people are mad at you Still have feelings 4 you?

The first bad sign is that he "almost loved" you. The second is that he's dating your ex best friend. If he still liked you, he would be with you and not her. Seriously, don't waste your time with this one.

You like a girl and didn't tell anyone now your best friend is dating her what do you do?

You tell your friend about your feelings. don't tell them to brake up though!

What to do when a guy friend who is dating another friend openly flirts with you and everyone thinks he is cheating?

Make sure you know his intentions. If he openly flirts with you but is dating your friend, can you be sure he won't do this to you? If so, then is he worthy of you? It's true that you should find out if he is doing it to try and date you, he may only be flirting for fun, if it is just for fun then and you think he is being inapropriate, just tell him that and to tone it way down. If he is trying to get a date with you, the person above is right, you should watch out for him doing the same to you

If you have a friend who always unintentionally flirts with the boy she knows you love you want to carry on being her friend but its really hurting your feelings what do you do?

if she is truly your friend talk to her about it.. if you have already talked to her about it and she is supposedly "unintentionally" flirting but she keeps doing it.. its not unintentional anymore.. so talk to her about it and if you already have then stop being her friend..

What do you do when you like a guy but he has a girlfriend and that girlfriend is good friend of yours?

You try to lose feelings for this guy. It wouldnt be right for you to have feelings for a guy thats dating a good friend of yours. Put your self in that situation. What would you want your good friend to do if she liked your "boyfriend" ?

When you have feelings for a girl that your friend also likes what should you do?

Having feelings for a person is completely natural and you can have feelings for anyone, no matter your friend likes that person or is dating that girl. Don't stop liking her just because of this.. just be normal... don't try to get too close cause this may cause probems in your friendship. If your really serious about her, find out if your friend likes her as much as you do or it's nothing serious...If it's not that big a deal for him, then you can spend time with her n stuff, but tell him if your really close to him.. as in best friend sor something...

What should you do if your friend flirts with your crush?

if it makes you uncomfortable talk to your friend if she is your friend then she will understand that it bothers you and she will stop doing it

How do you know if a guy friend for years who has had a crush on you still does have a crush on you?

If that person is dating someone they may just be trying to get you jealous. If he really did have true feelings for you he still likes you. You will know if he still likes you or not. Its a natural thing. Lets hope he does!

What does it mean when your best friend a boy gets jealous of you dating?

It means that your really close with your friend and he has started to have feelings for you. But it also means that it could ruin your friendship unless he has strong feeling for you. You need to think it through and find out if you have feelings for him, too.

Your bff is dating your other friend Josh what should you do?

Dump him as he does not deserve you ! Find yourself somone who actually cares about you and your feelings, and you theirs.

Dating ex boyfriends friend?

It really depends on how long you were dating him, if it was a short pointless relationship then it doesn't matter, but if it was a serious one then don't. I mean it also depens if he still has feelings.

What should you do if you broke up with your boyfriend and he started dating your friend but you might still have feelings for him?

Since you broke up with your boyfriend it is highly likely that now that he is dating your best friend you are either jealous and it probably isn't love at all, but you just don't like to see him date your friend.

What do you do when your friend flirts with your boyfriend?

Don't be friends with them. Simple as that if they are truly your friend they will respect you and your boyfriend and not get in the way of your relationship.

Did Hermione ever like harry?

No, she thinks of him as a friend. But in the 6th movie, Hermonie reveals her feelings for Ron after Ron started dating a girl.

What happens when your ex breaks up with you and you have mixed feelings for her and then she dates your best friend?

The problem started in your relationship with your girlfriend because of your mixed feelings for her and now that the two of you no longer are seeing each other you both can date whomever you want. However, she may be trying to get back at you (rebound) by dating your best friend or there is always the possibility she had been seeing your best friend while being in a steady relationship with you. Your best friend should have more respect and compassion for your feelings and realize that by dating your ex girlfriend he is hurting you. You should consider the fact perhaps the mixed feelings for your ex girlfriend had some validity to it and as far as your best friend be very aware of him as sometimes it's the best friend that can hurt you the most. Be smart and move on by getting out with different friends and eventually back into dating until you find that special girl that you truly love.

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