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If it's the gas tank hatch. it could just be the small metal that pushes the cover out once the lock has been released. you can bend this a little more wider. enough to have tension to push the gas tank cover out. It happened on my Sequoia once.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-18 05:32:24
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Q: The hatch on my 03 Sequoia won't open The cable seems attached Any ideas?
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If the whistling noise is coming from under the hood its your belt, that's what's wrong with my Sequoia. If its not coming from under the hood its probably a crack in the seem of your window.

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There is a switch which is activated by opening the hatch back. It is located somewhere around the perimeter of the hatch back. When it is released, it is supposed to turn on the interior lights and activate the 'hatch open' warning light. Find the switch, and remove it, then clean the contacts, and test it. It should turn the warning light off when the button or post is depressed.

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87 Monte Carloif 87 Monte Carlo has a cable type release clamp on a small pair of vice grips and pull hard.

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Try checking your brake pad thickness and your brake fluid level. If pads thin, change. If level low, top off and check well for leaks.

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First, disconnect your battery. You'll then need to remove the instrument cluster to get to the speedometer. This can be an adventure in itself if you're not familiar with it. Give yourself lots of time and be patient. Some people suggest removing the steering wheel as well and placing masking tape along the steering column to avoid scratching. These are great ideas and make the removal of the cluster much easier. Once you get to the speedometer, you'll see the speedometer drive cable attached to the right side of the unit. The other end is connected to the output shaft of the transmission. To replace the speedometer drive cable, disconnect the cable housing from the speedometer, and pull the cable out of the housing. If the cable is broken, disconnect both ends of the cable housing in order to remove all broken sections. Wipe off the old lubricant and lubricate with new cable lubricant. Don't over lubricate. Insert the cable all the way into the housing, and twist it slightly to make sure that the square drive is in engaged in the speedometer driven gear. Tighten the mounting bolt to 20-25 foot pounds torque. Note: The speedometer driven gear is held on to the speedometer cable housing by a retainer clip. When replacing the driven gear, make certain that the gear is secure by placing the gear in position before inserting the retainer clip through the gear slots.

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This is a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3. Thank you very much.

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defective battery cable or needs tune up

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Loose or corroded battery cable? Loose cable at starter? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid? Bad or misadjusted clutch safety switch?

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I have a 1994 Grand Prix. My hood latch cable also broke. I can't seem to find the assemble to open it manualy. Can anyone help me?

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speedo cable?

Central locking on your Renault Espace works except for drivers door which remains unlocked - any ideas?

Have you checked the cable coming in from the door post for a breakage ? Or the lock solenoid may be failing