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I found the answer, and solved the problem. Seems that the indicators are fed from the hazard switch, which becomes unreliable if any movement occurs, usually as the result of age or some such thing. Anyway, carefully pry out the hazard switch, and replace it NZD60, and hey presto, all is well.

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โˆ™ 2011-05-08 19:38:20
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Q: The heater-ac fan and window demist fan have stopped working on your 1998 VW Passat The fuses are ok Where else do you look?
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Why does your air compressor cut on and off when you have the heat on?

When you have the heat on and select defrost / demist position to clear your windows , the air conditioning compressor cycles on and off to help de-humidify the air - at least that's the way it is on my 1995.

How do you demist car window in different weather conditions like summer winter and rainy season?

If the mist is on the outside of the window, use windshield wipers, roll down window, or use rear de-fogger, depending which window has misted up. If the mist is on the inside, turn on the heat/AC, roll down window, or use rear de-fogger, depending which window has misted up.

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Where is the cabin filter located on a 2002 Yukon XL?

Passenger footwell there is a large black box under the dash. Remove that and there is another black plastic box underneath. As I recall, on the side of that there is an L shaped cover that clips at the bottom and has a single bolt on the top. Remove it and there are 2 'white' filters each about 6" wide and 10" long that you can slide out. I say 'white' because I changed mine about a year ago and they were totally black and full of junk. I had no flow to demist the windscreen and thought the fan was broken. Changed the filters and all is good now. Apologies if my description is a little off because it was a year ago. Simple job though.

How do you program key fob remote for 1999 Ford Falcon?

1999 Ford Falcon would be the AU series. Cycle ignition key to acc position and press the rear demist switch 3 times in about 2 seconds with the doors closed. The door locks will cycle to indicate that the learn mode has been entered. Press a button on each of the remotes. The door locks will cycle in response as confirmation. Only these remotes will be coded and work. You may need to try different speeds whilst pressing switch to get right. Also wait a moment as the electronics can take a short while to respond. When finished simply turn off ignition. All Falcons use this method if they have a rear demister and fitted with factory remote central locking.

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How do you remove dashboard on a clio?

To remove a Clio dash: 1. Remove screws securing the steering columb UPPER shroud. 2. Remove the 2 x torx screws at the bottom of the instrument gauges. 3. Remove the 2 x plastic plugs at either side of the dash. (you would need to open the door to see these. 4. Gently ease out the 3 switch panel in the dash centre. DO NOT REMOVE THE STEREO PADDLE, THERE IS A SCREW IN IT THAT YOU WILL BREAK OFF FOR SURE. 5. Remove the 3 x torx screws securing the screen demist vents (1 either side and 1 in the middle. 6. Firmly grasp the dash and pull straight towards you, then upwards, you may not need to fully remove if fitting a stereo system wiring harness. 7. Be careful of the airbag on the passenger side. 8. Be warned that if fitting a new music system ISO wiring interface, you need both parts from Halfords. The instructions are not clear, do not remove any wiring from the speedo or rev counter. The new interface plugs into the back of the centre display. Remove this by depressing the small plastic retaining clip either side of the clock panel, slide rearwards to extract. Remove the long red plug by lifting the small black plastic clip on the plug and as you fold it over to the other side the plug will come out of the socket. Fitting is a reversal of removal. 9. Note that with the dash lifted, the car will not start as there is a safety switch to prevent you driving the car with the airbag exposed as it could take your head off! 10. To refit the dash, make sure it is about an inch rearwards, and fully lowered into its normal plane, and just slide it FORWARDS into place. DO NOT try sliding forwards if not fully lowered as you will damage the airbag catches and / or break the 2 plastic struts which sit around the air bag ends. 11. Then refit all the switches, screws etc. 12. Another word of warning - If you are fitting a new stereo system, the wiring at the rear of the stereo gets quite tight. If you just cram it in, then ram the stereo home in its cage, you will damage the wiring behind, guess what this is? Yes, its the wiring to the engine ECU, sensors etc etc, the next thing will be after a few miles, the car will begin cutting out and acting in an irrational manner. You have been warned, take your time when replacing the stereo system. GOOD LUCK, Mick H

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oecist offcut offput offset oftest oikist oillet oilnut oldest olfact olivet omelet onbeat oncost oocyst optant orchat orgeat orient ostent outact outeat outfit outhit outjet outjut outlet output outsat outset outsit outwit ouvert oxcart packet palest pallet pandit papist parent parget parrot patent payout peanut pearst pedant peewit peinct pellet pelmet penult perfet permit pesant pezant picket pierst piglet pignut pigout piment pinnet pinxit piolet piquet pirnit placet placit plaint planet pliant plight pocket ponent pookit poppet poppit posnet posset potent poukit preact precut preset priest privet probit profit projet prompt prosit prutot pucest pudent pullet pulpit pundit punnet puppet purest purist putout qiviut quaint queest queint quight quoist rabbet rabbit rachet racist racket ragout raiyat ramcat ramjet rapist rarest raught rawest raylet rebait reboot recant recast recent recept recoat redact redipt redout reduit reedit reemit refect refelt reflet refoot regent regest regilt 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