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in some cars there is a circuit breaker for the blower motor, usually located near the fuse panel try finding it and press the red button.

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โˆ™ 2005-01-19 11:24:41
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Q: The heater and air went out in your car the blower is not working at all what is wrong?
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Why does Heater blower on 2004 f-250 not work?

The resistor motor may have went out if the heater blower quit working on a 2004 F-250 Truck. The cost to replace the motor is approximately $200.

1982 Datsun 280zx heater blower is not working?

either the water pump went out or the blower itself did. you have to pull the dash out to replace it. it's really not the most difficult thing to do so don't get discouraged

You recently smelled a slight burning from your ac vents and the ac stopped working is this a blower motor coolant or do you need to recharge the unit?

sounds like your blower motor went bad,does it work on heater heat.

How do you get to the blower motor resistor on a 1997 Breeze?

Not sure if this is the same heater resistor but i had mine replaces and the mechanic went in through the glove box and changed it

What is wrong when the heater and fan isn't working in a Toyota Corolla Ce?

Depends on what you mean when you ask heater and fan. This is what I'm assuming: When you get in your car, turn the heater on and no matter how high you turn the nob it just doesn't blow? Some Toyota models have a bad heater control unit, very costly but you may be able to pick them up used. My sister's highlander went out, I think it was around $500 to fix.Or is it your radiator fan that isn't working?

Where is the heater blower on a 1993 Chevy Lumina?

I have a 94 Lumina van and went to and got step by step instructions on to repair it. My husband done it with no problems

Heater fan motor will not cut off after turning car off?

Your blower motor relay went bad. You may also need to replace either the blower motor or one of the climate control sensors. If your blower motor squeals or makes a scraping sound it is going bad and will damage the blower motor relay. JQ

Why does the heater on 1999 Buick Century only work on the high setting?

Either than switch, the resistor, or the relay is bad. On my 1999 Buick Century, the blower motor quit working on the three lower speeds, and then went out completely. When the resistor goes bad, the lower speeds quit working. My blower motor was squealing, also. After I replaced the blower motor and the resistor, I tested it and found the blower worked great on every speed but high. It turned out that there is a separate circuit for high speed, and the fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse for the high speed, and the blower now works on all 5 speeds. Replacing the blower and resistor was difficult, but not as bad as expected, thanks to help from this site.

Why might the blower motor on a 1989 Oldsmobile run all the time?

The relay for the blower motor might be stuck , or the switch is bad . I have a 1983 Oldsmobile 88. A few days ago the blower motor for the A/C, Vent, Heater kept running after I turned off the ignition and got out of the car. It is located under the front hood in the engine compartment against the firewall. I went into the store and when I returned it was still running. Later that day the A/C stopped working. Well it wasn't the AC it was the blower. It didn't work on AC, heater, or vent. The manual I got at the autoparts store indicated a couple of relays under the hood, under the dash on the right and left sides, and fuses also. I swapped all the relays to find out if it would start working and something else would stop but the blower still would not run. The next day I went outside to find the blower was running when I walked up to the car. I started the engine and the a/c worked fine. I disconnected the blower plug under the hood to prevent the battery from going dead. So I have two problems. The blower running with the engin off, then it not working at all for two days. If anyone has had a similar problem please comment. Also where specifically is the blower relay. I don't think I have found the correct one. Thank you, Mark

On a 2003 Sebring why would the heater fan stop working on speeds 1 to 3 and then a couple months later stop working on speed 4?

Your battery went dead sometime it messed up the computer. Disconnect the ground for 5 or more min. Reconnect and it should work Mine was stuck in defrost The blower motor resistor has failed.

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If the tub is not getting hot water the issue is probably with the hot water heater. The hot water heater may have tripped a breaker or the pilot light went out.

Why does the heater vent make a foghorn sound when the temperature is about 45?

it might be that the moter on the fan is starting to go. i have had that noise on two different vehicles and it was the blower motor. and it went with in 6 months to a year.

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2002 dodge dakota tested the fuse with a testlight and both sides of fuse lit up and you even went to the power distribution box under the hood and your heater blower wont kick oni don t know whattodo?

Defective heater resistor pack.

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white smoke indicates coolant in the ignition chamber. check for blown head gasket heater core has 2 fixes. install a new heater core, or disconnect heater hoses from heater core and join them together so coolant will flow.2nd fix will completely stop heater from working

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about the light you gonna have to stop at autozone and ask the sales peron to come at your car and do the engine check light . they will provide you with a code witch will explain whats wrong weith the car and y the light went off. you can only get that checked when the light is on. the servic e is free at autozone.

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