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Your lower resistor for the HVAC blowing unit is bad. You can buy this part at a carquest if you have one nearby for less than $20. I did some research on this since my 1999 alero had the same issue. I replaced it, and it did work for a little while (less than two weeks). However, it failed again, so i am stuck with my heater/ ac blower only working on High. I cannot locate the instructions I used to replace the resistor, but i can give you an idea, and you should be able to figure it out from there. Here are my simple steps: #1) First, you should buy the lower resistor for your HVAC unit from carquest or another parts store. is too pricey, but if you go to them or your local gm dealer, you can get the part as well... If you just explain the problem they should know what you need, but it is called the lower resistor for the HVAC blower unit. #2) after you have the part in hand, you will see that it has a wire connector (female end) and a credit card sized chip attached to it. #3) The blower motor is on the passengers side of the car, on the floorboard at the very front of the car attached to the firewall, you will have to lay on your stomach and look up to see the wire harness that attaches to this lower resistor. #4) the size of the nut is 7/32. A socket is probably they easist method on the FRONT nut, on the rear nut, you will probably have to use a 7/32 wrench, i bought mine at craftsman. Basically, locating the resisor is the easy part, i had extreme difficulty trying to get the resistor out, but i eventually did, and replaced it. Like i said before, mine crapped out again in less than a week, so i have not replaced it again, i figure that i can live with my blower working on only high, atleast it still works...

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Q: The heater fan only works on speeds 4 and 5 on a 1999 alero where is the heat resistor and is it hard to change itHow do you test the old one to see if it is faulty?
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What is a heater blower resistor?

Heater blower resistor is what controls the low medium high speeds...

What does the heater resistor blower effect on a 99 mercury sable?

A bad heater blower motor resistor would effect one or more blower speeds other than high.

How do you get heater blower to work at different speeds on a cirrus car?

replace the resistor pack on the fanblower, under glowecompartment

Why would the heater blower on a 1991 Toyota pickup not work on all speeds?

toyotas have a resistor bank in line with heater motor each speed has a different value resistor. there is no resistor on high speed. it is located on passenger side in heater duct I thank it has two screws holding it on when you get it out you will see the resistors burned

Do you have a bad switch if heater goes on and off all the time and fan only works on hi?

You most likely have a problem with your blower RESISTOR PACK or rheostat. This is what controls the high, med and low speeds on your heater. Where it is and how to change it depends on your vehicle.

What is a resistor block for on a Dodge Caravan?

The resistor block or blower motor resistor is used to control the speed of the blower motor. That is how you get the lower speeds on your air conditioning or heater. The higher the resistance the lower the speed of the motor.

You only have three speeds out of five on your heater motor where could the problem be?

blower resistor especially if its chrysler/jeep or blower switch

Why does the heater fan in a Honda Odyssey only run on two speeds?

Sounds like you need to replace your blower motor resistor.

What causes the heater blower motor in a 2003 Trailblazer to not work in speeds 1-3 but works in speeds 4 and 5?

Probably the blower motor speed resistor is partially burned out.

Cause for low speeds on blower fan 1994 ford not to come on high speed works?

Resistor on the heater blower motor has failed

Why wont the heater in my 1999 alero work at all?

A common problem is that the heater resistor/ circuit board is defective and need to be replaced. The main symptom is that the heater fan with not run on the three low speeds but will run on high.

On a 2001 Pontiac grand prix gt how do you know if the heater blower motor resistor is bad?

Blower wont work on all 5 speeds, usually the lower speeds tend to go first.

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