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Unsure but you could get someone to keep pipping the horn until you locate it.

under the front passenger side wing. remove wheel you will see a removable plastic panel " three screws " bottom left corner as you look into the wing. behind that you will see the front fog lamp. the horn is located above it. 10 mm bolt holding it in place with two wire electric feed to it. but it may be the relay. location behind the fuse box unbolt fuse box lower it and you will see relays behind. should be the little black relay.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-29 09:38:13
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Q: The horn on your fiat punto cabriolet 16v 1999 t has recently stopped working it isn't the fuse you need to fix it but you can't find it does anyone know the location of the horn on this car?
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